Product Management

Innovate, Incubate and Implement

Who We Are

We are an IT consulting and software services company, with experience in defining and delivering multiple projects across various industry domains. Technology and user focus form the basic DNA of our product specialists and they come with niche skill sets that are key towards building the right product, in the right way.

What We Do

We help you to plan and deploy a unified product vision by aligning business efforts, processes, and technology to meet people’s changing expectations. We understand the need for businesses, to ensure they create and sustain great products that customers love. Our business service offerings are categorized into five broad product lifecycle stages.

We help you build a unified product vision by aligning business goals, processes and technology to create great products that customers love

Market Analysis

We enable you to uncover customer insights, identify your competitive advantage and assess the viability and profitability of your products

Customer Insights & Validation

Our objective here is to understand the needs, motivation and emotions of your customer. We get to the root of ‘WHAT’ will bring real delight to them irrespective of what is obviously put in front of us.

Competitor Analysis

Our goal here is to help you identify the differentiation that will work for your product/ service and your customers. Differentiation is the key to every product or software. As a product services company, it is important for us to understand your position in the market in order to identify your competitive advantage.

Financial Analysis

We help you assess the viability and profitability of the product across the investment required. This will enable you to make informed investment decisions for the product.​

Strategic Planning

Target Market

Customer segmentation and target market sizing enables you to decide on where to divert your resources to get the most out of them.

Product Strategy

Defining a product strategy is important to align all the activities of the product life cycle towards a single goal.

Business Model Plan

Our goal here is to help you define a business plan that is built around the new product/ feature/ service. This enables you to visualize your offerings, execution, and finances in a simple way.

We provide a simple framework to effectively define your target market and customer segment, along with the right product strategy and business model

Product Planning

We plan your product by uncovering personas and scenarios in your target segment, defining product requirements and designed the user experience

Personas & Scenarios

We figure out the various user groups in the identified target segment and list the different use cases with respect to which they will interface with the product. Target customer segment just gives a high-level idea of the market we want to target. There can be multiple personas identified within the customer segment. It is important to study them in detail to ensure the software products that we develop are not just of real value to your users but also delights them in every way.

Requirements Management

Our product development services are designed to converge the business, customer and product goals into something that is tangible and can be taken up for implementation.

User Experience Design

For us, design is not just how things look but also how it works. We invest equal time and effort to define the user interface and workflows that result from user touchpoints in the product and your business.

Product Roadmap

Our team balances the short term and long-term business goals to create the product roadmap, considering user needs, product drivers and technology investment.

Product Development

User Story Grooming

Our team brings together the cross-functional teams towards building the product, feature by feature

On finalizing the release plan, our team brings together the cross-functional teams towards building the product, feature by feature.

Process Management

Our project managers coordinate multiple teams during the execution process to ensure you get results you want

Our project managers understand the importance of principles over practice. We understand the importance of coordinating different moving parts during project execution and we work towards building synchronous teams that deliver results.

Go to Market

We develop go-to-market strategies by building a blueprint for delivering a product or service for achieving strategic advantage

Our go-to-market strategies define how a company will reach its customers and achieve strategic advantage. Our product development teams can build a blueprint for delivering a product or service to the end user while giving due importance to pricing and distribution.

What Sets Us Apart

Our team of product professionals have experience defining multiple products across various domains; this helps them bring the lessons learned across different domains to rewrite the norm. Our process and data-driven approach allows us to understand your users, even though they are from different backgrounds and geographies. We have experience of defining and building both consumer and enterprise products.

How We Do It

We assemble the right product team that will work with you based on our initial assessment of the product or idea. This team will take complete ownership and responsibility of your product; from understanding your business, market, and users to defining the strategy, planning, development, and launch. We understand that this is a continuous and iterative process and ensure our efforts translate into end user delight.

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