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Tricon Infotech never shies away from a new challenge, new technologies, and new markets. This flexibility and versatility have allowed us to utilize our expertise across a growing range of industries.

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Industries overview

More than books


The world’s largest and most prestigious educational and scholarly publishers have partnered with Tricon Infotech to modernize a business rich with tradition.

  • Digital-first workflows, delivery, and infrastructure.
  • Migration away from legacy systems.
  • Content hosting and delivery frameworks for ebooks journals, and multimedia.
  • Data management, including ONIX metadata solutions.
  • Sales & marketing tools, including B2C print + digital ecommerce, B2B ordering systems and fulfillment, sales rep applications, CRM integrations, and analytics.
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A scholarly publisher built a 360-degree digital sales & marketing experience.

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Learn how a major educational publisher sends customer samples using Salesforce.

Online learning

Educational Technology

Tricon Infotech designs, builds, and implements comprehensive, custom software platforms so content producers can deliver dynamic and interactive digital experiences.

  • Custom-designed Learning Management Systems (LMS).
  • Curriculum platforms for online course delivery, including interactive assessments, writing analysis, and full math support.
  • Automated custom publishing systems.
  • Interactive multimedia learning experiences like interactive graphing, animated demonstrations, and software simulations.
  • Future-proof, accessible Universal Design and open standards.
Ivory tower

Higher Education

Tricon Infotech is unique among engineering companies, with expertise in educational technology as well as platforms like SAP, Salesforce, and ServiceNow that run college and university infrastructure.

  • Building, implementing, and connecting Learning Management Systems and curriculum solutions.
  • Securing confidential and sensitive information about students, faculty, and donors.
  • Complete, end-to-end consulting and fulfillment services.
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See how a research university automated its laboratories with a custom SAP solution.

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A financial firm replaced an Excel-based workflow with a web app and data analytics.

Automation solutions

Finance, Banking & Fintech

Time is money, and today’s financial organizations can’t afford to waste either one. Tricon Infotech’s automation solutions can streamline operations and eliminate the need for time-consuming and expensive manual processes.

  • Automated processing of data from partners, rather than slow reviews and cumbersome spreadsheet imports.
  • Establishing and implementing rules-based systems that clients can update according to their needs, requirements, and changing risk assessments.
  • Compliance tools to document and preserve information demanded by customers and regulators.
  • Analytics and Business Intelligence, including real-time dashboards, to replace slow, manual queries, and Excel spreadsheet reports.
Automation solutions

Software, Legal, Manufacturing, and more

Tricon Infotech is a behind-the-scenes provider to the world’s most demanding, top-tier organizations across a wide range of industries.

  • Custom software development and automation solutions.
  • Securing confidential and sensitive information.
  • Complete, end-to-end consulting and fulfillment services.
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