Performance Improvement and Stability

Who We Are

It is not just what we do, but also as to how we do it which delights our clientele. Tricon Operations team helps your business to keep on going and growing smoothly. Tricon very firmly believes in being associated with our customers all the way, right from inception to ideation to creation to launch and way beyond!

What We Do

We follow a meticulous and quality driven approach, where we first understand the business goals and use this data to define the set areas of interest/ improvement. We capture issues at a microscopic level to profile and define the unique service areas and collaborate it with the respective sectors for improvement.

Realign core business processes and supporting structures, optimize resources and trim operational costs with our expertise in end-to-end project management

Process Services

Realign the core business processes of your organization and enhance operational agility with our approach and methodology. Leverage our expertise and align your resources, technology and all supporting structures to achieve maximum benefit to your business. We provide end-to-end process mapping, understanding, visibility and control which helps you to optimize your resources and reducing your cost of operations.

  • Contract and Account Management
  • Process Enablement
  • Project Management

Application Maintenance Services

Tricon delivers next generation software application maintenance services to help maintain applications effectively, allowing you to maximize efficiency and minimize downtime. We support your applications both on premise and over the cloud.  We follow agile methodologies and use automation/ proactive monitoring to help you reduce the total cost of support.

  • Technical and Operational Support
  • Performance Monitoring
  • Corrective and Adaptive Maintenance
  • Proactive Maintenance
Our proactive maintenance services guarantee your applications will stay ship-shape on premise and over the cloud, helping you minimize downtime
Our DevOps services, including automation, help you produce quick and efficient software products while improving operational performance


Tricon brings together the process of development operations with software development, quality assurance, agile delivery and IT operations to help you accelerate development of software and to improve quality. We enable you to produce quick and efficient software products and services while improving operational performance. Leverage on Tricon’s DevOps expertise across areas such as strategy, planning, execution, and managed IT services.

  • DevOps Roadmap
  • Automation
  • Cloud Operations Service (AWS, Azure and Google Cloud)
  • Infrastructure as Code
  • Integrated Development Environment
  • Continuous Integration/ Continuous Deployment
  • Code Analysis
  • Deploy Test

What Sets Us Apart

We have a well-defined framework for profiling incidents into service levels and carefully curated SLAs established for each service level that is in line with your objectives.

How We Do It

Our primary focus is to achieve a steady state with the help of our standard approach and gradually add focus on performance monitoring, proactive action, automation, and analytics. All our efforts are focused towards achieving performance stability, customer satisfaction, and increased ROI.