UX & Design

Your Creative Needs, Our User-centric Solutions!

Who We Are

Tricon’s UX & Design team works with a single goal of defining experiences that move people. They develop a deep understanding of the user and use it to build products that connect with them at an emotional level.

What We Do

Tricon Design focuses on creating the best UX and UI for software products and mobile applications. We create great experiences for our customers.

Our graphic design experts create intuitive user experiences that are tested by usability experts for compliance with current standards

Heuristic Evaluation

Our graphic design experts are committed to creating a user experience that is devoid of usability problems. Our usability experts review the application’s interface and ensure that it is in line with the accepted usability principles.

Experience Design

Our UX/ UI teams have expertise in creating rich and interactive designs. User experience is enhanced by constantly improving usability and accessibility, thereby ensuring that the end user connects with each product on an emotional level. All our designs are based on the needs and wants of the customer.

Our UI/UX teams work with you to create a rich, interactive and accessible experience that allows users connect with the product
Our people-centric usability experts conduct end user surveys, focus groups, usability studies and deep dive research

User Research

User research forms an integral part of our design process. Our usability experts place people at the focus of our design process. We evaluate a product by testing it on users, understanding their behaviors, motivations and needs by various techniques. Project type, timelines, demographics etc., define the type of methodology used.

What Sets Us Apart

Our dedication to understanding the true needs of the user rather than just working with assumptions is our key differentiator. We employ best in industry practices to get to the heart of the user. It enables us to ensure that we are solving the right problem.

How We Do It

We have a team of inquisitive designers who will never compromise until they deliver the best experience.


Business Impact of Design

What does design have to do with business? Perhaps everything, as digital touchpoints become increasingly important for all businesses, whether it is B2B or B2C. In a digital-first environment, good design leads to better business.


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Best Practices in UX Design

The digital era has changed the way not only how we do business but also how we view and experience business. Every product, service or business touchpoint is now a user experience. It has now become critical for businesses, big and small to offer customers a seamless and friction-free digital experience that intuitively aligns with their daily lives. 


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