Android Development

User friendly smart solutions

Who We Are

We put the app in H-A-P-P-Y.  We create and develop Android applications that will put a smile on your face and delight in your customers’ hearts. Our team of creative tech experts have a track record of building innovative and cost-effective end-to-end solutions that help clients maximize their business opportunities.

What We Do

We are the matchmakers between design and technology, and we bring your Android bundle of joy into the world. We provide you the full spectrum of Android development and customization.  Our extensive understanding of the Android ecosystem helps us build scalable, accessible and sustainable applications across platforms including Android phones, tablets, Android wear and Android TV.


Our detail-driven process uses the best-in-class Android standards


Discover: First we look at the big picture. We understand the client’s needs, organizational goals, target audience and growth forecast. Our in-depth research allows us to align our solutions with the client’s projections.


Strategize & Build: Here’s where we set up the building blocks. We create a comprehensive blueprint that shows the client the scope, requirements, deadlines and process. This blueprint is designed to be flexible in structure, to allow for new challenges or features that clients may wish to add.  Then we jump in, sleeves rolled up. We work with either Agile or Waterfall to bring your ideas to life. Our project managers regularly check in with you and keep you updated throughout the development phase.


Deploy & Maintain: The application is hosted across digital markets and app stores. We then meticulously test and re-test the app to zap any bugs and any inconsistencies into oblivion. We iron out any wrinkles that may come up. Applications also require constant updates and maintenance, and our

continuous engagement ensures you get the optimum value on your investment.


What Sets Us Apart

We are a bunch of creative techies who love to tame gremlins and any little troubles that lurk around our client’s product vision. Our creative approach to problem solving and our deep-dive approach to research the client’s needs helps us tailor custom-made solutions.

How We Do It

We empower our tech teams to think-out-of-the-box. We aim to provide cost-effective and innovative solutions that delight the client