Small business owners face several complexities when they decide to scale up and can often be overwhelmed by the task on hand. The coronavirus pandemic has forced many small businesses to consider scaling up to demand, which means they should be able to handle larger orders and increase production or capacity without losing any revenue. Technology can help businesses scale up with the right tools, solutions, and platforms, handle a growing workforce, improve customer experience, and help it grow with minimal stress. While the number of tech solutions is vast, it can be overwhelming for some small business owners to decide upon which, so here are a few areas that can benefit from the use of technologies.

Automating key processes

Small business owners can save time and costs by adopting automation for some of the recurring processes. By using automation, a business can be streamlined throughout improving the delivery of services and maintaining or reducing costs. It means businesses will need to use software applications throughout the organization. Business process automation can be integrated within several business areas including workflow, sales, marketing, and customer care. Robotic Process Automation can further automate processes by using software bots to replicate repetitive and tedious tasks. For example, a small business owner can use RPA to handle sales activities like invoicing, order entry, eliminating duplicate data, and maintaining the database. Inventory management software can help track inventory levels, sales, and deliveries, while accounting software can help businesses maintain their accounts and make informed financial decisions.

Shifting to eCommerce

Most brick and mortar businesses have been shut due to the pandemic or see limited footfall as shoppers stay home. In such a situation, the business can meet the customer where they are by orienting to eCommerce. A recent Kantar survey across Europe shows that the pandemic is likely to have a continuing impact on customer shopping habits, with the focus now being on eCommerce. Online shoppers have increased from 25 to 80 percent across European markets and respondents have said that they will continue the trend of shopping online in the near future. An example is grocery shopping, where customers used to shop a couple of times a week at their local store now exclusively buy groceries online from bigger national retailers. Here the small grocery owner can use tech solutions to enable customers to continue buying from their local store.

Smoother Onboarding & Improved Employee/Customer Experience

Technology can help facilitate a smoother onboarding process with a growing workforce, especially in remote work situations. Tech solutions can help organizations quickly orient their employees with the company mission and culture, introduce them to key team members, and even sign their contracts without stepping into the office. Similarly, businesses can automate their onboarding process for customers or clients to build and nurture the relationship from the get-go, by sending out a welcome email upon sign-up or after a sale.

Streamline operations

As a small business scales up, it will face more complex business processes and increased business volumes. Enterprise resource planning software or ERP can help businesses become more agile and quickly adapt business models to innovate as the situation demands. ERP software helps companies mobilize, streamline processes, and optimize operations.

Shift to cloud

Small business owners are often worried about the incurred costs of hiring a whole new IT team in the process of digital transformation. But that need not be the case. Cloud-based technologies can offer agility and scalability at a low cost. Cloud solutions can help small companies expand aggressively and globally by handling more complex processes like customer relationship management (CRM), inventory and order management, international tax compliance, and multi-currency transactions. Additionally, digital marketing tools can help marketing professionals implement their campaigns and test and tweak them as required. HR management software can handle a growing workforce and automate many tasks like payroll processing, claims reimbursement, and leave applications.

Small businesses that are hungry for growth can scale up aggressively with technologies. Investing in the right tools and platforms can help small businesses in their digital transformation journey to meet new challenges, expand and build resilience. The first step is to find a trusted IT services provider that can guide your way to digital transformation. At Tricon Infotech we work with you on a range of IT solutions across business areas and industry sectors. Connect with us today to learn more about how our solutions can enhance your business.