Medical devices and cloud technology are increasingly being used in the healthcare and life sciences industry, pushing them to look towards the Internet of Things (IoT) for innovation. IoT is more commonly associated with the supply chain and manufacturing areas, but it has the potential to bring significant improvements in healthcare and pharma industries. A recent report by Aruba Technology, a HP company, says 87 % of American healthcare organizations will have adopted IoT by 2020. Here’s how IoT can drive better performances in the healthcare & life sciences industries.

Healthcare & IoT use cases

Reduced wait times

IoT-driven software is now being introduced in large hospitals to help with efficiency.  Mount Sinai Medical Center in New York City recently adopted a new IoT-driven software which enables it to reduce wait times for ~50% of their emergency room patients.  The software can process and track bed occupancy in emergency rooms to help the hospital effectively manage requests for in-patient care.

Remote Health Monitoring

The concept of telehealth and remote health monitoring (RHM) through a network of devices equipped with software sensors and network connectivity that collect, share and organize data is steadily being adopted throughout the United States. This is also one of the most popular applications of IoT in healthcare. There are now several connected health devices to monitor health – these could be either consumer wearables like Fitbit or regulated medical devices prescribed for patients with chronic conditions.

IoT health devices also reduce the need for patients to make doctor or clinic visits for minor tasks as health is monitored remotely. For example, wireless blood pressure cuffs, already available in the United States allow the user to check their blood pressure. The results can be shared with the doctor via smartphone without requiring the patient to step out of home.

Monitoring critical hardware and software

Modern hospitals and health centres use medical devices for monitoring patients, whose system failures can be critical to patient health.  IoT-driven solutions can be used to proactively monitor all medical hardware, software and devices to alert staff in case of problems.

Life Sciences & IoT use cases

Life sciences companies have been using IoT principles through their supply chain for a while now by using remote data capture and connecting warehouse automation with sensors on the local area networks. But they can achieve better gains by aggressively adopting IoT services to overcome specific challenges.

Life sciences companies face several challenges throughout the supply chain. Pharmaceuticals products are sensitive to temperature, placement and light exposure conditions. IoT driven trackers are now being increasingly used in the supply chain of life sciences products to monitor these conditions during the storing and transit of their products.  Refrigeration, for example, is critical throughout the lifecycle as it can impact the product quality. IoT platforms can analyse the data coming in from the sensors in the warehouses or transit and alert the company in case of any temperature fluctuations.  IoT can note variances and failures throughout the supply chain, from wholesalers, to retail pharmacies or hospital clinics.

Life sciences companies are also looking for IoT platforms that can help their R&D teams become more productive and consistent. IoT-driven data integration platforms that can also automate laboratory monitoring, laboratory scheduling and process management can help them produce better outcomes.

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IoT facilitates collection and transfer of sensitive data across the value chain, which raises issues about security, privacy and compliance. As IoT is integrated into medical devices and hospital monitors, networking and cybersecurity demands for the adopters will increase.

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