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  • One of the leading apparel manufacturer in China was looking for a custom solution.
  • Waned to setup ecommerce + Omni channel to leverage on the various touch points that a consumer has.
  • There was also a requirement for ‘made to measure’ for which the consumer will provide the measurements/styling.
  • Existing SAP system to be leveraged and also be in sync with the data in the platform.


  • We used our expertise on Hybris and our B2C experience for creating dedicate channel solutions.
  • This knowledge was optimised for the Omni channel commerce platform as desired by the customer.
  • We also ensure that the solution has flexibility and scalability and at the same time, reducing operating costs.
  • Building customer-facing capabilities like merchandising, marketing etc., to create a great customer experience.
  • Implemented a reliable customer fulfilment management to ensure the right product reaches the customer.


  • The B2C e-commerce site was built using china accelerator.
  • The ‘made to measure’ functionality was built by creating custom modules of Hybris templates ‘yempty’, ‘yaccelerators’ and ‘chinaaccelarators’.
  • Made to measure feature was introduced, where customer can provide their custom design, size, and fabrics for men’s apparel.
  • Hybris Order Management System (OMS) was used for managing order management.
  • ‘Alipay’ was integrated for payment module.
  • Datahub was used for data sync with SAP system to store Fabric/Design data.
  • Created user-friendly interface, designed using HTML and JQuery.


  • The platform developed allowed the client to sell their products to their end customers via a multi-channel approach.
  • The platform also allowed their customers to custom design their apparel in terms of fabric, style and size.