For the uninitiated, cloud computing is a network of remote servers to store, manage, and process data, rather than a local server or a personal computer. This means any device which is connected to the internet can access shared data at any time from any location. From the past few years, cloud computing has helped many companies save millions by removing the need to have physical servers. Cloud computing is expected to become more predominant in 2017.

If you are still wondering why everyone is interested in the cloud? It’s because cloud technology can drastically reduce infrastructure and improve operations and customer support and allowing employees to work remotely. Let’s have a look at the various cloud computing trends that will help business world change:

  1. Lesser on premise infrastructure

These days we see many businesses want to get rid of their on-site infrastructure. They look towards moving into a much agile environment, where information and solutions are accessible easily and independent from geographical location.

  1. Mobile- Future of Cloud Computing

The popularity of smart phones and tablets is having a major impact on the business world. Instead of being tied to office desks, today workers can do most of their jobs using their mobile devices that too from anywhere.

For the employees who are always on the go, cloud-based applications are ideal due to their accessibility. So now instead of using their desktop computers, employees can simply log into an application with a smartphone or tablet, perform their task and save all their work on the cloud.

  1. ‘Frictionless’ Companies

Cloud is ideal when it comes to breaking barriers both internally (between departments) or externally (between customers and employees). When obstacles are removed, naturally companies will lose the friction points that slowed them down. For instance, automated supply chains and dashboards displaying real-time data are just two examples of cloud-enabled tools that are seen on the rise helping make companies increasingly “frictionless.”

  1. CMaaS (Cloud Monitoring as Service) will prevail

CMaaS is a type of on demand IT service that provides cloud monitoring and management tools for monitoring servers, cloud based platforms, IT infrastructure, websites, etc. With increasing demand for cloud computing and resources on the cloud, cloud retailers will find CMaaS helpful. CMaaS helps in improving application performance and its simpler implementation will make cloud managers to act proactively on issues. With lots of business adopting cloud computing the need for such monitoring also increases, 2017 will be an important year for CMaaS providers.

The future can be extremely hard to predict, but cloud computing will continue to have a significant effect on business operations.  Our product PayWheel is a cloud payroll software solution which comprises of benefits in terms of both compliance and restructuring the administrative tasks. If you find difficulty in coping up with the complexities of payroll process, contact us.