With smartphones becoming more affordable from past few years number of persons using wireless mobile telecommunications for instance 3G and 4G has increased double the number. This indirectly has made mobile app industry a big hit. It seems that in coming future billions of devices on the internet is expected to come. Thus developers need to be future ready and are ought to be updated with the latest trends of mobile app development. Let’s have a look at some of future trends of mobile app:

  • Cross-Device and Cross-Platform Development

Nowadays no apps seem to be limited to a single platform. As of now iOS is ruling the high-end market and on the other hand Android is ruling due to its price. At this point of time creating apps that work on multiple platforms can be a pain. Also as there is no ‘one size fits all’ approach to mobile app development, a rise in cross-platform mobile development tools will be seen. With evolution of HTML5, the future of mobile app development will use it to build hybrid mobile apps that will work across different devices and platforms.

  • Mobile App Development for Internet of Things (IoT)

Technology is smart but it has made people lazy! But the best is yet to come as in future IoT will control things surrounding us through applications. Google Glass, Apple Watches, is just the beginning. Nowadays, we have just heard of some great models of IoT Applications such as self-driving cars, fridges that control everything, etc. In near future, we will see more of these being used in our daily lives.

  • New Era of Enterprise Apps

Today main focus is on consumer apps but the future trend is of ‘Enterprise apps’. With enterprises willing to shell more money so customers will get what they want. As enterprises are looking forward to remain updated with latest technology, mobile application will always be there to help them.

  • Developer Tools

Every mobile industry is busy introducing applications every year, thus pressure of launching new apps in short time without any error, is very high. Businesses are also in hurry to shape applications ASAP. With the help of currently available software developer kits and application programming interfaces make launch of applications easy in short period of time. Thus in near future there will be rise in these applications and more advanced software kits.

  • Cloud-based mobile Apps

To build an app you need loads of space to function, cloud is the only solution as it has heavy functions and graphics. Additionally they can be built without any constraint and is secure too. With rising usage of multiple devices connected to mobiles focus is always to sync and integrate with them. Thus the cloud approach will enable technologies like AI, wearables for multiple functionalities and IoT.

With a number of mobile apps being developed and more users readily adapting them, daily transactions over platforms have skyrocketed. Subsequently, enterprises nowadays flaunt themselves beyond the desktop zone so as to complement their clients’ needs. Consumers today demand nonpareil mobile application development (Mobility Solutions) for providing exceptional user experiences. Tricon has over the years emerged as a noticeable name for providing mobility solutions and developing remarkable mobile applications.