Very few aspects in this world can be tagged “dynamic” and one among them is web designing. With the pace of technology and veracity of the changes, it has become very difficult to predict that what is in store for website design in future. Looking at some of the past trends it is definitely clear that, in near future more exciting changes are awaiting to revolutionize the digital media. Some of the powerful tools like high-pitched technologies, intense and unique concepts are ruling the roost, today.

Nowadays we see each and every web designing company in India is coming up with out-of-box ideas to gorge the prerequisite. Let’s have a sneak peek at the web design trends that are producing surprise waves in the Indian market.

  1. Content Centric Design

Alike earlier times, content layout designs are more in demand for homepages wherein content is less. It’s a visual delight if a striking content is surrounded by a smooth texture surrounding. But in the case of a substantial homepages, split content design layout coupled with multi-color tones gives a pleasurable look. Thus split contents give enormous scope for creating design without even upsetting the aesthetic appeal and hence it is accepted by the designers today.

  1. Incorporated Texts

In colonial times texts with different shades and styles were a part of this century, but today even a potent content might not be managed in a web page without a beautiful design.  Have you ever thought that how infographic content is created? It is actually a blend of creative texts and powerful images. Unlike the past, today the texts nicely blend with beautiful images to enhance the complete look of a webpage.

  1. Giant Forms

With more number of smartphone users browsing the internet, web designers are in demand to produce mobile centric designs that could inhabit the full screen. These deigns in a way keep the user completely engaged and attract their attention too. But on the other hand if not played with caution users on few occasions might also refrain from filling any forms in full screen format.

  1. Descriptive Images

This trend geared up gradually this year wherein descriptive images have replaced photographs. Yes indeed, it is true that illustrations or descriptions often offer the viewers their own preferences by understanding them and by giving a natural meaning to the contents of the page. Perhaps descriptive images are one of the best tools to personally connect the viewers with the contents.

  1. Customer Centric Websites

It was long back when websites were designed to show the product details and services. But in today’s date designers are well versed with the viewing habits of the customers. The designers have started accepting the value of functionality and navigability over the visual appearance of the website. In short, websites now look more customers centric. This has become norm of the year and the designers now fit into the shoes of customer to evoke and endure their attention.

Web Design Trends are nothing but additional tools in your toolbox. Don’t follow a trend just because it is popular at the moment, but use it only when you feel it is best for your users. Today for building any blog, website or content platform web design and development has become a foundational need. An engaging design and a unique content go hand in hand and together they give a better outlook to your website. If you wish to intricate your ideas on your dream website before someone who would understand and develop exactly what you need, then Tricon Infotech is your destination. We while working on all aspects of your projects will help you track the progress of your website “LIVE”.