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Most of the organizations, companies, communities and other services providers have been increasingly making use of social media to build their web presence. Popular and most preferred platforms like Twitter, Facebook have been offering specialized services to businesses in order to reach out to the audience and increase their chances of prospective business. If used wisely, social media can prove to be a boon for businesses.

“Man is a social animal” and platforms like twitter have invariably helped businesses to attract and interact with these social beings.

Most of the users surfing social networks are aware that to “tweet on twitter”, your message must be restricted to only 140 characters. Any business using twitter as an online promotion tool must frame tweets such that the text (+ image/ video or URL) fits in the character limit of 140.

A business tweet must be a perfect blend of all the necessary information and visual attractions so as to attract the target group. Here are some #TwitterTips for your business to get going and start tweeting professionally-

  1. Choose a company name and description

 Choose a proper company name for your Twitter page that customers can relate to. This name (i.e. @companyname) will also be used whenever your business or your posts will be referred/ retweeted anywhere on twitter. Also add a description that relates to your business services and products. Using hashtags (#) for keywords used in description would do great.

  1. Size your header and profile images

 The header image and profile pictures are the faces of your business. The display of these images needs to be accurately sized. The dimensions for header image must ideally be 1500 x 500 pixels to rightly fit in the viewable area of your business page. Likewise, the dimensions of profile picture must be 400 x 400 pixels to upload and showcase the display image correctly.

  1. Use images or videos in your tweets to grab attention

 Images and videos when used wisely over social media can go viral and make thousands of users visit your page every day. For using images or videos in your tweets, do consider the dimensions so that they are displayed appropriately on your followers’ home page, search results, trends and more. The images must be sized 506 (width) x any height, whereas the videos must be of 506 (width) x 285 (height).

  1. Use action words in your tweets

 Rather than using nouns in your 140 character tweets, prefer to use verbs that call for action and thus engage large number of users. Examples of action words are- connect, retweet, chat, download, visit, follow etc.

  1. Use hashtags (#) for searchable keywords

 Many of the topics, domains, industries or technologies etc. are searched on twitter using hashtags. When you use hashtags in your tweets, the chances of your business reaching the target audience will be maximized.

  1. Insert at least one word/phrase that is counted as being most retweetable

 For your business to expand its reach, you must encourage your users to retweet what you share with them. This will happen when you use words that are retweeted the most. Examples are- retweet, tips, check out, blog, social, social media, new blog post, top, 10, free, great etc.

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