Agile Development and its benefits

Agile development is a methodology that is accepted by clients and developers worldwide with open hands. Over the years with technology trends moving leaps and bounds, agile development has emerged to offer what was unthinkable. Agile development hugely contributes in making the software development processes more efficient and accurate.

Changes are evident and to embrace the changes in a project, agile software development is ideal. It empowers the developments with needed flexibility and also catalyzes the speed of delivering solutions. Agile methodology has several benefits and a few are listed here in this blog-

  1. Engaged teams

 Unlike the traditional software development practices where clients transfer the requirements in the beginning and developers hand over the final solution only upon completion, agile development involves coordination right from requirements gathering to the acceptance of solution by the client. Here, both- the client’s team (or the Point of Contact) and the development team engage into discussions after every phase of development or on achieving the short-term milestones. This helps understand customer’s expectations and ensures that the requirements are met. It prevents the developers to catch hold of a wrong track and helps the client to speak the unsaid during the initiation stages.

  1. Agility

Practically, a project to complete may take a few days to months or years. During this time, requirements, technologies (as a result of upgrades), environment and also the developers might change. Agile development complements its name in a way that it adapts all changes with the changing trends and continuously refines the overall processes. As a result of these capabilities, agile developments in comparison to traditional developments are considered to be less disruptive. It helps manage resources, refigure project completion spans, prioritize processes and restructure the estimates.

  1. Success ratio

While the traditional development methodology demands to analyze the chances of succeeding right before the process begins, agile developments works over and above predictions. Since the proceedings are completely based on developments and acceptance of phases, agile brings an ability to identify warnings and rectify the ambiguities before they turn out ugly. Some built-in tools also help indicate underperformance in any of the implemented approaches and require corrective actions immediately. Consequently, a software that surpasses all quality standards, i.e. serves the purpose and use, is free from defects and is reliable, gets delivered to the client.

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