3 Common Mistakes in Custom Mobile App Development

The mobile industry and consequently the mobile applications seem to be taking a leap in the present times. Not only the smartphones and tablets, but also the advent of IoT (Internet of Things) and wearable devices have brought in a great demand for mobile apps. As a result the mobile application development industry is surging like wildfire.

Custom mobile app development is evolving because of the varied business needs of companies and clients. Applications that are feature-rich, responsive and user-friendly are readily adapted while others lose the run. In order to be competent in this cut-throat competition, one cannot afford to make even the minutest mistakes. Undermentioned are the 3 Common Mistakes in Custom Mobile App Development that companies make but must learn from.

  1. Being complicated

Technologies like smartphones and mobile applications are meant to simplify the routine jobs of users. In the chase of making apps extensive, companies forget about the associated complexities that restrict users to adapt the mobile apps. Toggling between the apps and accessing it thoroughly with ease, is what users look for. Simple yet attractive user interface forms the basis of good mobile applications and so it must necessarily be considered in every development.

  1. Ignoring the consumer behavior

The customer behavior is a primary concern and must be eyed on at all times. Right when the app or a new feature in it is launched, the user’s adaptability to it should be tracked. Focusing only on expanding the features and neglecting the consumer preferences never helps. With a number of analytical tools today, getting the correct insights is no big a task. Periodic reviews to add or delete features/ functions as per their adaptability by customers are crucial and must be practiced to attain a good customer base for mobile apps.

  1. Being an imitator

Moving with the trend and monitoring competitor moves certainly helps in doing the right business but, imitating every bit without innovation and twists is not appreciated. More importantly sheep mentality should not be utilized. Only because others are implementing a feature need not mean you must too. Rather, a typical feature with better experience and innovative idea will attract more users. A detailed research and study before each step you take is vital to make your app performance escalate.

Willingly or unwillingly, most of the mobile apps in some phase of their developments tend to become a victim of these common mistakes. It is important to systematize the sequence of developments from the beginning, while considering all pros and cons.

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