Master directory for selecting certified JAVA developers

Java development is at the peak of all mobile and web application developments today, as a result of which the demand for Java developers have raised invariably. In this gap of demand and supply, it often becomes a matter of worry to find a skilled Java developer(s) to work upon distinct requirements. And to be able to find and select one (group/company), you have to ask yourself a list of questions in this regard. To help you with this major concern for your future Java developments or enhancements, we bring to you this master directory for selecting certified Java developers. Read on to know more…

  • Thorough familiarity with all Java Technologies

Knowledge on Java technologies is the foremost priority and it cannot be compromised anyhow. This means while in search of skilled java developers, you’ve to look for those who are familiar with-

  1. Java/J2EE developments like Struts, Big Data/Hadoop, Hibernate etc.
  2. Tools like My Eclipse/IntelliJ (IDE)
  3. Databases for e.g. MySQL, Oracle and more
  4. App servers like Tomcat
  5. Web servers like Apache
  6. Front End for e.g. HTML5, CSS3 etc.

In short, the in-and-out of Java architecture along with crisp coding concepts should be your ideal Java developer’s forte.

  • Work portfolio reflecting a sound experience on Java application development

A perfect portfolio is the one that does not include merely big numbers but showcases a wide variety of developments. Moreover, prior work on developing applets and applications that complements your requirements and industry should be a major attraction too. And that is not all! Availability of the same set of developers (few if not all) who have concluded similar projects as that of yours is equally important. You need to ensure that your project is passed on to an established team who is capable in handling the requests.

  • Certifications or trainings in the particular field i.e. Java

Certifications from authorized partners like Oracle etc. are an added advantage. Also, training (both classroom and live) is a bonus to developers and ultimately yourself. Certifications and trainings are an outcome of the scope of creativity, reasoning, analysis and of course development skills of the developer.

  • Number of small and big clients worked for

Your prospective developer who will be working upon your project should have worked both for small and big clients following both traditional and modernistic approaches to work on specific needs. Who are the clients and how many of them prefer to repeat their future developments with your potential to-be developer signifies their capabilities and success factor.

  • Adequate number of experts to handle project requirements

Not only the experts should be adept in their own roles but also their presence or absence should not hamper or delay the final product. In other words, the development team should be strong enough to own their responsibilities and deliver the project in expected time frame.

These are the major considerations included in our master directory for selecting certified Java developers. If you think there is more to the list, share your views with us.

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