Mobile App Development (Mobility Solutions)

Considering the never-stopping pace of mobile phones usage, many of the service providers too have decided to take an inflow into the trend of mobility solutions. As a result, new mobile apps are being introduced into the market almost every day. From shopping apparels to grocery, book cabs, recharge mobile or DTH and what not, think of anything and there’s an app available for it.

 Statistics state than an average user spends about 3 hours in a regular day on his/her phone. Also, there are facts showcasing that from the total time spent by a user on internet, 80% of it is on a mobile device and not desktop. This means apart from hopping over the contents on a mobile phone’s browser, the user is certainly availing some or the other apps for some reason.

 How can we rate the future of mobile apps?

Looking at the adaptability of mobile apps to satisfy daily and ongoing needs, their future lays in safe hands i.e. in the hands of a large number of users who seems absolutely in no mood to say goodbye to them. Listed are some of the speculations justifying why mobile applications have an unharmed future-

  1. It is the next big mode of marketing

We have recently been observing many advertisements all over the television and FM channels that call for an action to download the apps for particular products/ services. Why do you think marketers prefer to promote themselves through this channel? It is because, the mobile users (rather smartphone users) are only increasing and reaching them through apps is most convenient. Mobile apps encourage two-way communication. Sending ‘push notifications’ to a bulk number of mobile app users at once is no big a deal. And the probability that these notifications be opened is huge, say 80 times in 100. Facilities like promo codes and vouchers within the mobile apps attract the prospects on a big scale.

  1. The apps will surge and will subject to be target oriented

For now to accumulate a larger audience, mobile applications are being built to be multipurpose. But in the coming days, it is predicated that the future versions of mobile apps (along with the newly developed ones) will be structured to cater particularly a set of services and function to perform specific roles only. As a result the more are the demands of users, the more apps will emerge to serve them.

  1. Popularity of mobility solutions will expand

Almost about 2 decade ago, we were not sure about the people becoming compliant with devices like computers and laptops. Today, none can imagine their routine without these stupefying gadgets. Similar is the case with mobile apps. It becomes a tendency of humans to get used to new (and of course better) stuff with the passage of time. Hence, when there is so much to offer with mobile apps, there comes no chance for it being faded away. Instead, it will popularize tremendously.

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