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In our everyday routine, we would surf ‘n’ number of websites to shop, explore, buy services from, search locations and contacts or just to Google. We come across the many that are not too appealing and even those that we want to visit repeatedly. One major reason that drives us to visit a particular website more than once is its UX/UI design.

Due to the increase in number of websites on the internet, visitors have a choice of switching almost instantly, if they do not get what they’d been looking for. It takes a lot of effort to hold the visitor on your website. After inputting the desired information (content to be precise), your prime focus to develop a good website has to be on nothing but UX and UI designs. UX works in tandem with the UI design as both of them together forms the entire layout and functionality (in terms of programs/ codes) of a website.

Want to know what are the signs of a sound UX and UI design? Read further…

That the website takes only a fraction of seconds to load and the user finds relevant information in as low as 6 seconds

  1. That the website uses a color scheme that is not flashy and is soothing to the eyes
  2. That the website has not incorporated irrelevant ads, at least on the home page of its website
  3. That there are true and transparent contact details for the user to get in touch if he/she wishes to avail what is being offered
  4. That there are shared experiences of the other users who have felt satisfied after choosing the products or services on a particular website
  5. That the website does not make the prospect jump from one page to the other to get some information
  6. That pop-ups or mouse-hover features are used consistently to give a brief (useful) info on something, for a user to decide reading further or not
  7. That visualization is encouraged. It is a human tendency to visualize what he has read, seen or experienced. It must be interactive
  8. That each inserted link, landing page or videos etc. are working and does not frown when the visitors open them
  9. That the design and development is responsive to be made use of on any platform, be it mobile phones, tabs or PC’s.

These concerns might seem so minor and obvious, but are often skipped on the live version of websites. By the time, the business has already lost a petty percentage of possible income from its prospects.

With numerous platforms available today, creating “WOW” moments from a website’s UX and UI designs is no big deal. It only takes little dedicated efforts and a pinch of creativity to make all the visitors say WOW after landing up on your website.

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