A few careers provide as many opportunities as software engineering. Also, it is considered one of the high paying jobs with considerably low stress. The flexibility this profession offers with respect to job security as well as option to be an independent consultant is noteworthy. However, if you are a software engineer or aspiring to be one, here is heads-up with a few common mistakes which can be avoided for a better growth and future.

  1.  Practice is better than Theory

Giving more preference to books rather than solving real time problems can restrict your learning. Books do give a lot  of information but, the hands on experience you find in solving real time problems is much more valued. Writing your own programs and codes, working on embedded systems and UI development etc. can benefit in the long run. After all, Mark Zuckerberg did not become the CEO of Facebook just by reading books.

  1.  A halt in the learning

This is a common mistake which most of the engineers and developers commit. Once they are proficient with a technology, they get settled in their comfort zones and fail to keep themselves upgraded. This may be due to the daily work routine and other commitments which occupy most of the time. Being updated with different programming languages or challenging yourself with different technologies like MongoDB, Hadoop can expand your horizons and opportunities.

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  1.  Lack in social skills

Engineers carry a stigma about themselves about not being socially very active. This is because they do not get to interact with many people on a personal level and hence become isolated with their work. It might seem insignificant at first but, networking and meeting new people will develop an insight and expand your viewpoint as well as give you much needed influence and experience which can ultimately propel your career prospects further.

Your Net Worth = Your Network

  1.  Not enjoying what you do

It’s true that this career has a lot of moolah to offer you, which could be a motivating factor. But not enjoying programming and developing softwares, can make you feel stuck up in a rut and stress you out. This stress can demotivate you as the programs developed or the codes will lack quality. Software is all about solving problems.  A passion for solving problems and watching people use your creations and solutions is very much needed to change a stressful environment into more enjoyable one. If you are working for monthly pay checks and have doubts on exiting your career in future- then you probably should and explore other alternatives.

  1.  Not setting a goal

Not knowing where you are heading can leave you just floating and drifting towards complacency. It is imperative to set a goal or direction to your career so that you have a destination to reach. A structured goal can help you grow as an individual, as well as, in the desired field. Progress lies in not enhancing what is, but in advancing toward what will be – Khalil Gibran.