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Enterprise Mobility Solutions

Over the years, we have been advancing to enter in a creation that revolves around mobile phones. With a number of mobile apps being developed and more users readily adapting them, daily transactions over these platforms have skyrocketed. Consequently, enterprises have stepped in to flaunt themselves beyond the desktop zone so as to complement their clients’ needs. Consumers and businesses today demand nonpareil mobile application development (Mobility Solutions) for providing exceptional user experiences.

Tricon has over the years emerged as a noticeable name for providing mobility solutions and developing remarkable mobile applications. Keeping over thousands of man-hours on developing voluminous mobile apps into account, our developers can be called ‘virtuoso’ in this domain. Their expertise extends on developing apps on iOS, Android, Tizen and Windows etc. Each of the developments released from our team are user-friendly and feature-rich.

Tricon- A Premium Mobile Application Development Company to Associate With

Having served the major industries like education, retail, service, analytics, healthcare and more, Tricon becomes the best pick for any enterprise who wishes to own professional apps. Our dexterous squad of mobile app developers builds web, native and hybrid mobile applications that are functional on desktops, tabs, smartphones and other devices.

Mobile Application Development at Tricon is an outcome of efforts put on responsive designs, integration with existing infrastructure as per technology (e.g. HTML5) standards and an essence of fresh ideas put in sync.

The Terminal for Enterprise Mobile Application Development (Mobility Solutions)

Pursuing a right approach to mobile application development becomes a key success factor for the results delivered. Tricon’s developers deliberately use a methodology that ensures low risk and is backed by success through series of experimentation sessions. Listed are the type of mobile apps we aid our clients with-

Android Apps- the ones that reside on the user’s phone once they are downloaded from Play Store. They can be launched by tapping on their respective icons and their features can then be availed. Our engineers structure android apps considering the standards of opted platform and respecting the needs of clients. Choose us to own high performing and reliable android apps.


iOS Apps- these apps can also be downloaded from the App Store which can then stay on the user’s phone for further use. These are the most popular apps that are known for offering abundant customer satisfaction. The iOS developers in our crew help you strategize and formulate apps that are a blend of all technical and business requisites. Give us your expectations and we’ll give you stellar iOS apps.


Web Apps- those apps that can simply be rated as the mobile or pocket version of websites. These apps load on the browsers like Chrome or Safari just as regular websites. If you aspire to make your web app be bookmarked by a bulky user base, employ the experts from Tricon.


Hybrid Mobile Apps- which lie between the native and web apps. They are accessible on web browsers and can be found in the stores when thousands of users search them for downloading purposes. Contracting with us to develop a first rated hybrid app can be your most intelligent decision ever. We are fast and develop compatible (with technologies like HTML5) apps that your customers love to use.



Let us handle all your liabilities for a mobile application development and enjoy the delight of ranking among the pioneers in your sector. Contact Tricon- a leading mobile application development (mobility solutions) company at Bangalore, India.

Tricon Experts

Reach our experts for all your technology and Custom Mobile Application Development needs and a lot more.

Expertise Gained

Tricon has hands –on experience in designing, developing and deploying applications round the world. Native apps, webapps or Hybrid apps, our developers create awesome apps that are well received by the end user.

User Experience

Tricon’s philosophy of design led engineering has led to an increased focus on creating unique and fantastic UI that makes the user want to spend more and more time on the app. Keeping users happy and excited is one of our strong suites.

Grow your business

Grow your business with apps that can gain you an advantage over your competition. Engage your users with apps that are innovative, easy to use and highly engaging, ensuring that they are hooked on to your app.

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We are specialists in technology services such as Java, .Net, PHP, Python, Android, iOS, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, SAP etc. to name a few. We ensure that your application is developed to the level of scalability required by your organization.