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Big Data Benefits for Small Businesses

There is a common misconception these days that, as big businesses make data-driven decisions only they use big data. But this is all not true, even small businesses can reap the benefits. Big data— a term that describes the collection, availability and processing of huge volumes of streaming data in real-time.

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What is Adaptive Learning?

Adaptive Learning is not a new concept, but it’s high time that we consider it. With technology allowing assessment and delivery, real-time personalization of content, adaptive learning is a major breakthrough in student experience and success. It’s seen that the best teachers have always adapted their teaching to the requirements of their students,

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Want to Boost Your Skill Set? Learn these Popular Programming Languages

Nowadays, there is a great demand for skilled programmers. Over the past decade, with coding jobs being popular, it is seen creating millions of employment opportunities every year. When you do programming passionately and flawlessly, the results are spectacular. With the pace of technological development, especially in the twenty first century, there are amazing works in the discipline of programming that have projected enterprise to bigger heights.

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Education in 2017: Trends to Watch Out!

2016 was a vibrant and an eventful year for the education sector, as it is never-ending sphere, which is growing at a steady speed. Numerous new developments took place and a gamut of themes and subjects gathered pace to further change the education landscape for the better.

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Most Prominent Benefits of Hybrid Mobile App Development

In case of mobile development there is no approach like ‘one-size fits all’. You are free to develop native, web-based or hybrid mobile app. But out of these the most preferred one is hybrid mobile app, as it is loaded with several benefits. Let’s have a glance at some of the most prominent benefits of hybrid mobile app development:

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3 Benefits Adaptive Learning Technology Offer

From past few years “Adaptive Learning” is a term frequently used in education but today, with the advent of more ubiquitous technology in schools, education systems are giving more importance to the advantages of leveraging adaptive techniques within both instructional programs and assessments. The basic concept of adaptive learning is simple

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E-learning Trends that Will Rock 2017

With the pace of technology, innovation is accelerating and the society is changing faster than ever. With artificial intelligence, mobile apps for education and game-based learning, education is becoming way more fun! In short together technology and education are changing the face of global learning.

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Mobile App Development Tips for Your Small Business

Whenever a startup or a small business tries to come up with mobile strategy it happens that they make mistakes. They have several constraints like fewer employees, small budget, less exposure and lack of experience. If you want your mobile apps to deliver business then you ought to be more cautious.

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How can Progressive web Apps Benefit Your Organization?

Earlier in the past, in order to do different things on our computer we had to install different applications but now with technology evolving a lot can be done through browsers. Today, the same radical shift you can see in the mobile landscape too, for instance no more downloading app from the play store. Wondering why? Because Progressive Web Apps (PWA’s) are here

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5 Mobile App Development Trends to Make a Mark in 2017

It is definitely not an exaggeration if we say that mobiles have become an “inseparable” part of our lives. Waking up with an alarm, checking WhatsApp messages, updating Facebook status, watching YouTube videos, checking mails, online shopping and banking is seamlessly executed from our mobile devices.

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5 Reasons to Build Accessible Websites

Ever thought how will you use a mobile device or computer if you are visually impaired or have hearing problem? Use a mouse, keyboard or touch the screen? Usually people with disabilities use a wide range of assistive technologies to navigate these obstacles,

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No Tech Skills, Still Want To Build a Mobile App? Three Ways; Explained!

Today, mobile is considered to be one of the most lucrative industries and it is seen that many startups are launching their own applications, that too without any background in tech. Are you planning to build a mobile app? Then what’s the delay? You too can start a mobile application industry by creating the right team, learning new skills and using right web-based tools.

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Big Data Trends to Watch Out For In 2017

From past few years it is seen that big data has evolved and become more enterprise ready in terms of recovery, usability, back-up and performance. Today, with the help of big data we are able to proactively drive business results and make more meaningful decisions instead of merely analyzing about why something happened.

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Challenges, Product Development Managers Face

Being an organization, do you have a comprehensive product development plan? Did you think through all the factors right from the idea generation phase to the testing phase? It might happen that you have worked through all the possible strategic steps, but you still think that you lack something.

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Planning To Build a Mobile App? Look for These Features

Today in this ever-expanding app landscape it has become very difficult to stand out in the market. Till now if you see more than million apps are available on the iPhone app and Google Play store. So it will not be surprising to know that the competition between the apps will be tauter than ever.

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Abundant of App Developers: Tips to Choose the Best One!

When there is a rise in demand, people to fulfill that demand is also in abundance. To attract more customers there are app developers who scream at the top of their voice. Now this makes difficult for the customers to choose a best mobile app development company. In confusion usually customers land choosing an unqualified one!

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Are you aware of Mobile App Future Trends?

With smartphones becoming more affordable from past few years number of persons using wireless mobile telecommunications for instance 3G and 4G has increased double the number. This indirectly has made mobile app industry a big hit. It seems that in coming future billions of devices on the internet is expected to come.

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Trends to Drive Enterprise Application Development In 2016

Most of the people who use smartphones and tablets, for them everything is easy with a mobile app. With the help of these apps solving problems have become even more convenient for instance booking tickets, paying bills, shopping, tracking calories etc. Nowadays many companies are investing time and money on mobile app development.

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5 Web Design Trends Creating Waves in 2016

Very few aspects in this world can be tagged “dynamic” and one among them is web designing. With the pace of technology and veracity of the changes, it has become very difficult to predict that what is in store for website design in future. Looking at some of the past trends it is definitely clear that, in near future more exciting changes are awaiting to revolutionize the digital media.

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6 Steps to Flourish Your Business

Good planning, flexibility and organizational skills are the must haves for a successful business today. Business is not something from which you can start making money by just switching on your computer. It’s actually more difficult than you think.

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5 Benefits of Learning Simulations for an Organization

What do you do to streamline your processes? For instance you have implemented an ERP system and your employees are also equally excited to try out the new system. But are you sure that your employees are trained enough to handle the system? Was simulation a part of their training course? Ask yourself.

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Android App or iOS App! Which One Will You Choose As a Platform ?

Today, mobile developers have lot of opportunities to develop different types of applications for copious operating systems, whether they are hybrid or native or iOS or Android. But from past few years question of “which platform to build an app for first” has been a prevalent one. To build a quality app that works on just one device is quite challenging.

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What is Your Need? Native App, Hybrid App or Web App

As mobile apps develop in the business world, most of the companies’ today face problems like misconceptions still surround mobile app development. Since years it’s been seen that many businesses venture into mobile app development without even understanding the difference between each approach.

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Unveiled! Mobile App Development Trends for 2016

With the pace of technology, today, in mobile industry, developers cannot feasibly rely on older technologies and development tools. The same applies for older app development strategies and plans too. Apart from innovation, adoption of latest trends is also an important task for corporate culture and enterprises cannot afford falling behind in the current market.

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Why your Retail Business Needs A Mobile App?

In the increasingly mobile, digitally oriented world, for retailers it has become a necessity to embrace an omni-channel strategy. Today, most of the stores or restaurants are likely to have an app that help their customers’ book or glance through the options. These mobile apps are easier to understand and help one seamlessly to get what they need in a jiffy.

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How to pursue your mobile app development idea?

Have you got an ingenious idea for building a mobile app but do not have a clue how to move ahead? Worry no more! We at Tricon Infotech have successfully developed and launched several mobile apps and know exactly what it takes for an app to shoot up in app stores. Want to know our key to success? Read on these steps…

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How startups can benefit from Agile Software Developments?

The law of the jungle, “Survival of the fittest” applies even to the many startups emerging in different industries recently. Not all those who start big are able to make it to their goals and those who are best, survive. There are a myriad of obstacles that evolve in the way of successfully running a startup, particularly those operating in the IT sector.

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The Era of Push Notifications

The mobile app development industry is surging and it seems nowhere to fade away any sooner. The number of new mobile apps entering into the market each day is mounting like wildfire. These mobile apps have brought a world of convenience to its users and their usage is unavoidable.

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Twitter Tips- Build your online presence in 140 characters

Most of the organizations, companies, communities and other services providers have been increasingly making use of social media to build their web presence. Popular and most preferred platforms like Twitter, Facebook have been offering specialized services to businesses in order to reach out to the audience and increase their chances of prospective business.

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Why to blog: 4 reasons for business blogging

Today, no business is complete without owning its website and no website is complete without blogs. While ranking on the search engine results has become compelling for making an online identity, blogs play a vital role in delivering the same to businesses. Blogging carries some commendable benefits with it for businesses.

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4 UI and UX hacks to own a great website

Here are the definitions of the terms User Interface (UI) & User Experience (UX) in simplest forms. User Interface may be referred to as everything that adds to the display and browsing options incorporated in a particular website. Whereas, User Experience is anything as a result of UI that offers the visitors a delightful experience.

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Agile Development and its benefits

Agile development is a methodology that is accepted by clients and developers worldwide with open hands. Over the years with technology trends moving leaps and bounds, agile development has emerged to offer what was unthinkable. Agile development hugely contributes in making the software development processes more efficient and accurate.

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Embellish the Online Relationship with Clients on your E-store

For any business, the most crucial activity is to establish long-term relationships with the customers so that they regularly visit your e-store for their future online purchases. This is only possible if the customer is completely satisfied and delighted with your offerings, merchandising, availability, shipping services, offers and promotions etc.

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3 Common Mistakes in Custom Mobile App Development

The mobile industry and consequently the mobile applications seem to be taking a leap in the present times. Not only the smartphones and tablets, but also the advent of IoT (Internet of Things) and wearable devices have brought in a great demand for mobile apps. As a result the mobile application development industry is surging like wildfire.

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Guide to Choosing the Best Mobile Application Development Company

The pace of smartphones and thereby the mobile apps entering into the market every day, is experiencing an unprecedented progression. It is assumed that within a couple of years, the business growth and sales through mobile apps will expand by 5 times or more, if not less. Hence, businesses are striving to practice approaches like ‘mobile-first’ and ‘mobile-only’

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The ‘buzz’ of Omnichannel

The fact is not unknown to any of us today that the buyers’ who are willing to shop and spend money has skyrocketed in the recent times. Technically, the Purchasing Power Parity or the PPP of youth has increased and so their shopping habits have also taken a shift.The challenge to grab customers and convince them to buy something seems to be a primitive idea in 2016 and thereafter.

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Why outsource software developments? 6-point lesson plan

Ever since the advent of globalization, reaching out the world has become simpler. The business growth is no more confined to geographic margins and so industries are flourishing internationally. Information Technology, as a result, has been gaining tremendous competitive advantage by outsourcing software development projects and thereby saving high on time and costs.

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Mobile First: What it is like?

In the world of ecommerce and hyperlocal, the ‘mobile first’ marketing strategy has been booming like never before. Companies have started targeting the mobile users as a high percentage of population has taken a turn towards mobile web usage in recent times. Some examples like- Uber, Myntra, Grofers, and WhatsApp etc. Mobile apps (mostly with an internet connection) are focused to deliver users maximized value at the convenience of their mobile screens.

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E-commerce for Business (B2B): Guide to Success

Most businesses today are in search for opportunities to board on e-commerce platform. The reason being, ecommerce has exposed them to reach plenty of customers and grow tremendously in an international market. To get a business e-commerce enabled can be mammoth a task, but the profitability that follows is why businesses are heading towards it.

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4 Common Misconceptions about Offshore Development

Offshore development has become apparent as a majorly adapted trend in software development, web and mobile application development. When a development project or a set of requirements are handed over to a company, group or individual outside one’s own country, then it is called offshore development. Countries like India, Pakistan, and Philippines etc. have become the most popular offshore partners for USA, UK, Australia and several other countries across the globe.

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6 Tips on Making an Attractive Design Portfolio

Portfolios are a great means of showcasing a collection of projects/ challenges undertaken and accomplished over the years of working in a particular domain. Creative profiles like that of designers, writers etc. and even developers and programmers are invariably making use of portfolios for a better work presentation.

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5 Must-Have Skills for Developers in 2016

Year 2015 is on the verge of completion and the coming year is supposedly going to bring with it a significant increase in the demand of developers. To seize the best opportunities for gaining experience and knowledge, the developers will need to possess some of the most apparent skills that will keep them stay ahead in their career. Discussed further are the 5 must-have skills for developers in 2016. The list is intensive enough to encompass the key indicators and consider how they can prove to be an advantage.

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6 Productivity Hacks for Software Developers

Every software developer, irrespective of the domain of work on e.g. mobile app development, web application development or others, has an own working style. The methodology they feel most comfortable in becomes their usual approach to get the job done. Nevertheless, after attending a few workshops on productivity and browsing through several online resources, I have ordered these 6 productivity hacks for software developers

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Master directory for selecting certified JAVA developers

Java development is at the peak of all mobile and web application developments today, as a result of which the demand for Java developers have raised invariably. In this gap of demand and supply, it often becomes a matter of worry to find a skilled Java developer(s) to work upon distinct requirements. And to be able to find and select one (group/company), you have to ask yourself a list of questions in this regard.

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4 Challenges of all Software Development Projects

Software has become an integral part of our lives over the years. From software over the web, to our mobile phones, from our work-desk to home- it rules everywhere. How exactly do these software evolve? For each software used by a group of individuals, there remains a software development company, a development team to be precise.

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5 Tips for New .NET Developers

Being new to .NET development, you might frequently find yourself stuck at places where your codes will just not agree to perform a particular function. You would try working on several possibilities but the things would not seem to go in the direction of what you expect.

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5 reasons for us to love Java

Java has emerged as a highly popular, widely practiced and invariably used language for software development, mobile app development, games and web apps development etc. Its developments are always ascending as per latest technological trends and it being accepted with open hands all over has been the reason for its growth ever since it begun. Java is inexhaustible, safe, adaptable, dynamic, scalable, and object oriented.

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Role of a Project Manager in Software Development

A typical software development company comprises a team of analysts, graphic designers, testers, technical writers and of course software developers. Also to lead this team, a project manager is responsible to supervise every phase of development and to ensure the timely delivery of project to client(s).

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Alarm to give ‘Mobile’ the priority it deserves

For some of the companies, the importance of mobile marketing is still to be discovered and realized. Their marketing strategies do not revolve around grabbing client base who spend most of their time using mobile phones (mostly smartphones). In this case, the companies must structure a vision that focuses on effective mobile marketing strategies.

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The checklist for Mobile Application Development

A mobile app cannot be developed merely by the thought of owning one. For a business to have its own mobile app, one has to integrate many small details together so has to develop handsomely functional software, an app to be precise. Also, there is significant difference between having a highly popular and performing website. Many businesses may run a website with the best of features, but have a hard time structuring a good app that complements their business.

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4 perks of choosing a professional iPhone App development company

We all have beheld iPhone’s growth over the years and its innovativeness that has always stood at par with consumer expectations. As a result of its rising popularity and growing acceptance of iOS platform, Apple recently launched two fresh models namely- iPhone 6s and 6s plus. The apps built through iOS development are highly sophisticated, indigenous and user-friendly, thus this brings an opportunity for skilled iPhone developers to deliver customized plus gassed-up applications for businesses.

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5 Signs your Software Outsourcing Partner is not Productive

Have you handed over a software development project to a company or have outsourced their services for support, upgrade and maintenance? If yes, take a reality check to know if the particular software development company is productive enough to deliver your requirements. There might be times when you find yourself in a position where the services you’ve been seeking seems to be lagging, inconsistent or not up to the mark.

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Java Application Development- Advantages and Disadvantages

JAVA application development caters the widest need of all businesses and is capable of developing programs and codes for even the most unique or complex scenarios. Therefore, it is accepted as a supreme language for expanding or developing applications. It is an ideal technology that fits in all critical criteria of creating mobile, desktop and enterprise applications. JAVA is a comprehensive tool that includes detailed concepts and capabilities of several different languages like C, C++ and can outscore almost all other languages. Nevertheless the language has a set of advantages and disadvantages to feature and we shall discuss the same at this juncture

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Boom of E-commerce in India

E-commerce has evolved as being the most popular market for buying and selling products and services in order to give-and-take values over electronic systems like internet. It is the most opted means for business practices online. It has made international relations between the businesses which ultimately help in expanding the economic growth of countries (i.e. through foreign currency exchange).

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5 Steps to a stress-free Go Live!

The term “Go live!” often brings sweat to many software developers because of the associated issues like errors in server change, data immigration or even failure. In order to set the months of hard work and efforts put in a software development project successful, it becomes necessary that each step of the process proceeds just the right way. The 5 chief concerns listed below, if emphasized upon carefully, can make the “Go Live!” of any software development stress-free. Structuring a stepwise blueprint For software developers to proceed with any further developments, they must create a check-list to move ahead in plan.

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PHP- The greatest web development language

Having abundant options available to choose from so as to cater varied web application development requisites, it often becomes quite big a task to take a decision on which one to build your website. Most of the developers and even website owners prefer PHP over other languages. To get the answer to “why”, let us study the details about PHP.

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SAP Super Users- Who are they?

It is either your company already works on SAP processes, or it is supposed to go for an SAP implementation soon. In both the scenarios, you would often interact with a team that remains your first Point-Of-Contact (POC). This set of members who enable you to communicate seamlessly with the development and implementation team, management and other departments to work upon your requirements are called the SAP Super Users.

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What to use for business promotions – Mobile apps or Mobile websites?

The businesses are striving over the online platform to enhance their growth (and indirectly revenues) by reaching their audiences. But will only being present online really help surviving in this competitive age? In a generation where almost every individual, irrespective of their age, is carrying a smartphone, reaching the target group through mobility solutions seems to be a decent idea.

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How to hire a software services firm for specific developments?

Any business (or even individuals) can feel the need to promote their products or services so as to gain larger revenues through well-built software. As a result, they may require assistance on precise software development requests. But, who do they choose to proceed with their developments mostly depends on a number of factors. Money (i.e. the budget) is one major factor that influences the decision on which software development company to hire, but there is a longer list that adds to this…

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Custom or Pre-built software: What’s your take?

Looking at the increased adaptability of the software, there isn’t a question anymore about “should the companies be interested in automating their processes or not”. These days, the question that becomes more pertinent is whether what is more beneficial for the companies- Is it the custom software designed to suit specific needs or the pre-built software that are readily available to implement and start the operations almost instantaneously?

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Ways to compete with big ecommerce brands

If you are a new entrant into the world of ecommerce, it may become a backbreaking burden to drive traffic on your store. On the other hand, as you are struggling to cope up with this problem of yours, big brands like Flipkart will get over thousands visitors in a single minute. But, this does not mean small ecommerce stores cannot compete with these “hyped” brands.

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The essentials for every Android App Developer

In a world where smartphones hold an influential place in the fast-moving mobile market, users nowhere seem to compromise with “unexceptional” apps for serving varied purposes. Apps that bring along “crashes” behind their download soon get discarded within no time and are dumped with the most negative feedbacks listed in the Google Play or App Store.

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The Future of Mobile Apps

Considering the never-stopping pace of mobile phones usage, many of the service providers too have decided to take an inflow into the trend of mobility solutions. As a result, new mobile apps are being introduced into the market almost every day. From shopping apparels to grocery, book cabs, recharge mobile or DTH and what not, think of anything and there’s an app available for it.

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4 Top Web Applications for Sharing Text

Many a times when we are searching on the internet, we come across a number of pages where we find useful data that we might want to refer again. But, as we keep moving ahead, we tend to lose those URLs. We have to browse through all our history which then becomes quite tedious and time consuming.

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4 Traits of Good Software Developer

Bearing in mind the epidemic trends in Information Technology (IT) and an increasing popularity of software, the industry acquires a huge number of software developers. With plenty of software developed already and several others being constructed almost every day, we happen to meet a number of software developers who work on different technologies.

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“Why” and “When” to SAP Implementation in your organization?

SAP implementation is a tedious process that is extremely expensive, time consuming, challenging and risky. It is generally adapted when organizations need a change management in their existing systems. The change management may be in the form of business process expansion, reengineering, mergers and acquisitions or new technology/ERP rollouts.

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Hybris- Ecstasy for Online Shopping Portals

Over the years, we are taking a bend towards shopping online. We bump into a lot of portals that allow shopping by following a Business to Consumer (B2C) or even a Business to Business (B2B) model. B2C are the ones who sell apparels, accessories, electronics, furniture etc. to individuals for their personal use. While the B2B portals sell infrastructural materials like cement, bricks, sand etc., fabrics, automobile parts and more to other companies or factories.

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Make the customers’ say “WOW” with your UX and UI designs

In our everyday routine, we would surf ‘n’ number of websites to shop, explore, buy services from, search locations and contacts or just to Google. We come across the many that are not too appealing and even those that we want to visit repeatedly. One major reason that drives us to visit a particular website more than once is its UX/UI design.

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Why Should Every Business Develop and Improve Mobile Apps?

In an era where technology (particularly smartphones) has conquered the lifestyle of community and its members, saying ‘No’ to mobile apps becomes a ‘Red Alert’ for businesses. Ever if you considered mobile apps development to be a marketing tool merely for the “million dollar” firms, you’ve certainly had a tragedy. After all, had you not been missing the “supposed” increase in your revenues a mobile app could have made for you? Sadly, you might answer it affirmative!

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Business Intelligence vs Business Analytics

BI is the ability to take information resources using analytics and reporting tools and convert them into knowledge that is helpful in determining trends in historical data and in decision making. Raw data is converted into useful information for business analysis.

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How social media can make a difference to your company?

Our generation is tech savvy and with the slightest of our needs we prefer visiting ‘The Internet’ which serves as a one stop shop for everything under the sun. Finding a restaurant close by or ordering a pair of sunglasses to planning a trip or finding businesses we resort to our new best friend- The Social Media.   When Dunkin Donuts opened their first branch in Bangalore, they wanted to make sure their marketing gets them the best possible publicity for their intended grand opening. All they had to do was get more and more people like their Facebook page. A contest held by them offering free donuts for a whole year ensured that they garnered enough attention. Result: The opening day saw a whopping turnout of over 4000 people, leaving all the other donut outlets green-eyed. This was a simple example demonstrating the power of Social Media.   A company may try and oppose Social Media as much as it can, but the loss would be that of the company. Any business which wants to thrive will need a lot of marketing. And Social Media can reduce the marketing costs with just posts or tweets which reach a wider audience.   With websites such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Pinterest a huge opportunity is presented to businesses to grab the attention of people and customers while simultaneously building a brand image.   It also presents the businesses with opportunities to form allies by connecting with other entrepreneurs and business owners. The world is shrinking and the major credit goes to the internet and the new age method of... read more

Google Keep- Introduction to Note App

Do you see a writer in you? Or you want to keep a tab on your schedules and your presentations? Or you just want to quickly jot down a to-do list while running errands? Well you will definitely be enthralled upon experiencing Google Keep- Google’s introduction to the list of Note Apps which are making news these days. Google released this app in competition with the big names in Notes category, such as Evernote, Color note and Microsoft’s one note (which comes along with the package of MS office).   Google keep is amazingly simple and basic and doesn’t come with complex features. It however does its job very effectively and its useful widgets easily act exactly the way a note app is expected to function. It is compact and not so heavy on your phone memory, so you can forget about those phone freezing moments which make you think twice before installing an app on your android phone. Download Google Keep from Playstore here.   Google Keep makes all sorts of data entry possible. You can quickly capture what is on your mind by creating written notes, recording voice and taking pictures, all this in a single app. The app can be accessed on any platform where the Google Ecosystem is functional such as Google Chrome and Android. The look and feel of the app on both the ecosystems is very identical and all the data which is stored gets synced immediately.   Google Keep works very well with Google chrome and it can be installed from chrome browser’s web store, similar to installing an app in android. Google chrome facilitates... read more

Security and Data Breach Concerns with iCloud

A major setback to Apple’s reputation came about this week when hundreds of nude photographs of celebrities were leaked from iCloud and posted on 4chan (an image sharing forum). This news made the bulletin as it involved celebrities like Jennifer Lawrence, Ariana Grande and the FBI is investigating this matter. The news has been attracting mixed reactions over the social media forums, few blaming the celebrities for taking their compromising pictures and others blaming the poor data security of iCloud, a cloud computing service from Apple Inc. to store pictures, music and data. Apple set about engineers to detect the cause and patch the gap in its security and denied that its security measures were faulty, as only a few celebrity accounts were targeted. The discovery made in the investigations suggests that the hackers used user names, passwords and mainly information for security questions to unlock their accounts. Unlike other services which lock you out after a few trials with an incorrect password, Apple’s “Find My iPhone” feature allowed hackers to make unlimited trials with password using “Brute-Force attack” concept. What provoked more speculation was the fact that, a day before this leak, a code for Apple’s brute-force technique was uploaded on GitHub, a web hosting site. Apple has however fixed this problem and claims that no breach has occurred in Apple’s “iCloud” or “Find My iPhone”. To avoid such attacks Apple advices employing a strong password with two-step verification. It is not confirmed if Apple’s security flaw was the reason for the leak of celebrity photographs. Being a true Apple fan, all I can wish for is that... read more

6 Ways to Retain Best Talent Once Hired

  So the Human Resource department has invested in finding good employees to join their organization. But their job is only half done. Retaining the valuable contributors is not an aspect to be undermined. The best employees are difficult to be pinned down, as there are always possibilities for them to jump if they are not satisfied.   Here are ways how an organization can hold on to its top talent: Encouraging Individuality: Most of the employees are dissatisfied because they feel that they do not have a say in the company operations or their voice in the company is not being heard. Encouraging individuality by allowing them to share their ideas and help the organization in terms of growth will give a sense of credibility to the employee and hence leading to job satisfaction. Appraisals and Salary hikes: According to a survey conducted among 7000 professionals by CareerBuilder, 70% of them said that salary increase would definitely entice them to stay with the company. Many companies use the joining bonus as a strategy to retain employees promising a bonus to be paid after completion of a set period. Performance reviews: “In the absence of appreciation and respect for other people, true leadership becomes ineffective, if not impossible.”  Acknowledgements, bonuses, gifts and rewards appreciating employees every once in a while or when a job is well done goes a long way in employee satisfaction. Employee recognition is a strong factor in retaining top talent. Monthly and quarterly performance reviews are being practiced in many organizations as a motivational method. Flexible schedule: Flexible timings are alluring to everyone. Having the... read more

Opportunities in Data Management with Hadoop

Every day, every minute, millions of pictures videos and other forms of data are being dumped on to the internet via websites like Facebook, you tube etc. Ever wondered where this data is being stored to be used effectively year after year? The growing number of data sources like social media are challenging the big data technologies. Being the latest sensation, media giants like Google, Facebook and Yahoo have decided to choose Hadoop for their data management predicaments. Any enterprise wishing to leverage its data and analytics is advised to install Hadoop framework; open source software that allows processing of large data over clusters of computers. History of Hadoop Hadoop was created back in 2005 by computer scientists Doug Reed Cutting and Mike Cafarella. Hadoop was named by Doug after his son’s stuffed toy elephant and is now being managed by Apache Software Foundation. In 2006 Dough joined Yahoo! which dedicated a team to develop Hadoop. By 2008, Hadoop was being used by other companies beside Yahoo! like Facebook, New York Times and The Hadoop architecture is made up of the Hadoop Common, Hadoop distributed file system (HDFS) and a MapReduce engine. MapReduce and HDFS are designed to handle any node failures. The architecture distributes data into chunks across many servers for the programmers to easily analyze and visualize easily. Demand for Hadoop The market for Hadoop is projected to rise from a $1.5 billion in 2012 to an estimated $16.1 billion by 2020 as per report by Allied Market Research. The profits are predicted to be made by the Commercial Hadoop companies like Amazon Web Services, Cloudera,... read more

Cloud Computing and its Battles

I remember, a few years back when my computer crashed and I was left with a feeling of devastation and loss. I had lost all my pictures, music, movies, files and many things I don’t even remember. While all others could be somehow gathered all back again, I missed the pictures the most as they were irretrievable. I’m sure most of us have faced this scenario.

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Cloud and its Battles

I remember, a few years back when my computer crashed and I was left with a feeling of devastation and loss. I had lost all my pictures, music, movies, files and many things I don’t even remember. While all others could be somehow gathered all back again, I missed the pictures the most as they were irretrievable. I’m sure most of us have faced this scenario. Data, in any form is most important to its owner, be it an individual or a multinational company. Since 2008 there has been an unprecedented growth in the way data storage is being perceived. Data is now increasingly being stored in multiple third party servers rather than private dedicated servers. This method ensures there is minimal risk of potential loss of data. With the big data boom, Cloud Computing has become a paradigm of data storage. There are four types of approaches to cloud deployment: Public: It’s a cloud type which is available for storage over the internet and ideal for a more general use like the Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud. Private: A cloud or data center which is privately owned and is operated within the company firewall. Hybrid: It is a combination of public and private cloud types. More and more companies prefer Hybrid Cloud as it allows more flexibility, security and control and combines the best of all worlds. Community: A Cloud framework shared by multiple organizations. Government organizations sharing information usually prefer this type. The cloud industry is getting competitive as predicted and the companies are falling over each other to cut down their prices and entice their customers. Giants... read more

Best Investment Options

As Human beings we all are the same and so are our ambitions, desire for growth and pursuit of a secure future. It’s never too late to plan for an investment. H.W. Lewis had stated that, “Those who are unwilling to invest in the future haven’t earned one.” We always tend to procrastinate when it comes to our investment plans but the best time for it is right now! A way to save you from the burden of taxes, investment can be your savior in your present as well as future. Let’s check these few investment options which can give you high returns. 1. Public Provident Fund (PPF): This investment is my personal favorite due to its attractive fixed income option and an interest rate of 8.7% as of 2014. A minimum deposit of Rs. 500 to a maximum of Rs. 1.5 lakhs can be made to the PFF account. PFF has a lock in period of 15 years after which the matured amount can be withdrawn along with the interest, all of which is tax-free. 2. Equity-Linked Savings Scheme (ELSS): Equity-linked savings scheme are offered by mutual funds. They are high risk investments as it is market linked, but they also have potential to give high returns. It has only 3 years of lock in period which is considerably short. 3. National Pension Scheme (NPS): Planning for your future and retirement is inevitable. National Pension Scheme by the Indian government allows you to plan for your retirement. A Tier-I NPS account allows tax-exemption with a minimum investment of Rs. 6000 per year to a maximum limit of 1... read more

5 Common Mistakes a Software Engineer Can Avoid

A few careers provide as many opportunities as software engineering. Also, it is considered one of the high paying jobs with considerably low stress. The flexibility this profession offers with respect to job security as well as option to be an independent consultant is noteworthy. However, if you are a software engineer or aspiring to be one, here is heads-up with a few common mistakes which can be avoided for a better growth and future.  Practice is better than Theory Giving more preference to books rather than solving real time problems can restrict your learning. Books do give a lot  of information but, the hands on experience you find in solving real time problems is much more valued. Writing your own programs and codes, working on embedded systems and UI development etc. can benefit in the long run. After all, Mark Zuckerberg did not become the CEO of Facebook just by reading books.  A halt in the learning This is a common mistake which most of the engineers and developers commit. Once they are proficient with a technology, they get settled in their comfort zones and fail to keep themselves upgraded. This may be due to the daily work routine and other commitments which occupy most of the time. Being updated with different programming languages or challenging yourself with different technologies like MongoDB, Hadoop can expand your horizons and opportunities. Related:  The alluring Android 4.5- lollipop  Lack in social skills Engineers carry a stigma about themselves about not being socially very active. This is because they do not get to interact with many people on a personal level and... read more

The alluring Android 4.5- lollipop

The web world is abuzz with the news of Android’s next update, which would be either Android 4.5 or 5, hitting the market soon. With android’s huge market, the new features and updates may seem well planned market strategies to lure you into the enchantment of the devices and finally get you to commit to a newer version. And all of a sudden you are trapped in a race of owning the ‘Better Technology’. And Mobile industry is very smart in making you realize that your money, no matter how huge, is well spent in pursuit of these high end technologies as they make you a proud owner. With Kitkat 4.4 being androids latest release, it was able to grab enough audience attention and positive reviews for its lightning fast speed and powerful Google features. The success of Kitkat has prompted Google to release Android 4.5 and if the sources are to be believed, it will be mostly called Lollipop. History of the Android version names Confectionary based names for the versions of android were constantly gaining popularity since 2009. The trend started with Cupcake (1.5) and continued in alphabetical order like Gingerbread, Honeycomb, Ice cream sandwich, Jellybean, Kitkat etc. The next letter in the list is L and it is yet to be seen if the developers decide to choose the most popular name -Lollipop. How is android 4.5 going to be better than 4.4 Google is planning a huge update after Kitkat 4.4. Hence the contemplation is still on if the version will be 4.5 or 5. Its features will retain the Kitkat framework but will ensure... read more

Prospects of Wearable technology

Ever wondered that our mobile phones, in future, may turn into earrings which serve the purpose of a phone receiver and a neck piece used as a speaker? Technology, being a highly dynamic field is changing as we read this. The recent trend in technology is seen in the in gadgets which can be worn by us, hence the name wearable technology. Unlike PDAs (Personal Digital Assistant) which are hand held gadgets like mobile phones and cameras; wearable gadgets are attached to clothing and can be used as accessories or adornments. Though the advancement in this technology is relatively new, the concept has existed since decades. One of the earliest inventions in this department was the transition of a traditional pocket watch to a wrist watch in 1904 by Louis Cartier. Latest technology devices: A very recent development in the wearable technology is the release of “Google Glass” by the IT giant Google. The glass was invented with a purpose to provide smartphone like computing in an accessory which can be worn anywhere and can be hands free to use. Based on Android Operating system, input mechanisms are the touchpad on the side of the glass and a voice commander microphone. The glass has the ability to take photos and record videos and compatible applications are also being customized for this device. In an answer to Google’s foray into Wearable Devices, Apple is planning to release iWatch in 2014. The concept is to wear your entire iPhone on your wrist. With designers adding in the Apple button and a SIM card support, this is one of the top-notch, high-end... read more

Modern day SAP® Fiori™ UX

SAP Fiori was released by SAP, targeting the customers of ERP and enhancing their user experience and usability. The new Fiori apps can save both time and money, thereby increasing productivity, improves the employee efficiency and helps in retaining employees.  Let us first understand the concept of User Experience Let’s just say, you are the user of a product, service, or a system. For it to create a lasting impact, it needs to follow the ‘5 E’ rule and be: Easy to use and learn, Efficient, Effective, Engaging, and Error free. The fast changing world requires companies to constantly be on their toes with regards to their marketability. Hence SAP released the new SAP® Fiori™ UX with 25 apps in May 2013 followed by 200-plus apps in December 2013, with a vision to provide a leading User Experience for business applications. SAP® Fiori™ Technology: The technology behind it is SAPUI5 (SAP’s HTML5 + Java Script UI development framework) and NetWeaver Gateway middleware. This enables the Fiori apps to deliver quickly and easily providing value and easy adoption. SAP has found a way to provide both these high end technologies in a single application, and this app arguably is the best of its sort in the market. Types of SAP Fiori apps: 1. Transactional- Which is task based. (e.g., approving requests by manager) 2. SAP Smart business- Providing insights to Key performance indicators. (e.g., a cash manager monitoring cash flow) 3. Factsheet- For search and explore function. (e.g., a financial controller viewing a cost center) Skills required for its implementation Basic requirement would be a SAP basis. In case of... read more

Mobile app development turns into a money churner with smartphones and tablets

  With the advent of smartphones, mobile app usage continues to dominate the world of media. There is a shift in people resorting to mobile phones for their entertainment, news, communication, knowledge, and a variety of their other needs. Mobiles today are increasingly replacing the time spent on traditional televisions, newspapers, radios, PC’s and laptops, owing to their ease of access and the array of options provided by them. Android and iOS have emerged as the top operating systems in smart phones, while Facebook and Google proving to be the market players.  According to Comscore data, mobile apps consume more than 82% of the media time is spent on phones, rather than browsers. Mobile App developer’s perspective: Mobile app development can be a challenging job, and even more challenging is to make money out of the app. It’s evident that there are millions of apps in the market. And so are the numbers of challenges a Mobile app developer will have to face in his or her endeavor to be successful and make big bucks. To start with, you need to overcome the complication of choosing a platform to develop the app on (an appropriate Java, .NET or Objective-C platform) which is compatible with all the platforms and devices. If you thought the challenging part was done, with the development of the app, wait till you face problems in distributing your software. The pricing of your software, whether free or chargeable matters a lot. With the millions of free apps, a new app which is charged even for a minimal fee will go unnoticed. Hence most of the apps... read more