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Content Marketing: Benefits You Can’t Ignore

‘Content Marketing’ the name itself entails promotion of a brand or a product using content. Most of the marketers think content marketing is just the process of writing a blog and publishing it to the company website.

Planning To Build a Mobile App? Look for These Features

Today in this ever-expanding app landscape it has become very difficult to stand out in the market. Till now if you see more than million apps are available on the iPhone app and Google Play store. So it will not be surprising to know that the competition between the apps will be tauter than ever.

Abundant of App Developers: Tips to Choose the Best One!

When there is a rise in demand, people to fulfill that demand is also in abundance. To attract more customers there are app developers who scream at the top of their voice. Now this makes difficult for the customers to choose a best mobile app development company. In confusion usually customers land choosing an unqualified one!

Are you aware of Mobile App Future Trends?

With smartphones becoming more affordable from past few years number of persons using wireless mobile telecommunications for instance 3G and 4G has increased double the number. This indirectly has made mobile app industry a big hit. It seems that in coming future billions of devices on the internet is expected to come.

Trends to Drive Enterprise Application Development In 2016

Most of the people who use smartphones and tablets, for them everything is easy with a mobile app. With the help of these apps solving problems have become even more convenient for instance booking tickets, paying bills, shopping, tracking calories etc. Nowadays many companies are investing time and money on mobile app development.

5 Web Design Trends Creating Waves in 2016

Very few aspects in this world can be tagged “dynamic” and one among them is web designing. With the pace of technology and veracity of the changes, it has become very difficult to predict that what is in store for website design in future. Looking at some of the past trends it is definitely clear that, in near future more exciting changes are awaiting to revolutionize the digital media.

6 Steps to Flourish Your Business

Good planning, flexibility and organizational skills are the must haves for a successful business today. Business is not something from which you can start making money by just switching on your computer. It’s actually more difficult than you think.

Android vs iOS

In order to become enterprise ready many major players in the mobile market are going through a rough patch from past few years.

5 Benefits of Learning Simulations for an Organization

What do you do to streamline your processes? For instance you have implemented an ERP system and your employees are also equally excited to try out the new system. But are you sure that your employees are trained enough to handle the system? Was simulation a part of their training course? Ask yourself.

Android App or iOS App! Which One Will You Choose As a Platform ?

Today, mobile developers have lot of opportunities to develop different types of applications for copious operating systems, whether they are hybrid or native or iOS or Android. But from past few years question of “which platform to build an app for first” has been a prevalent one. To build a quality app that works on just one device is quite challenging.

What is Your Need? Native App, Hybrid App or Web App

As mobile apps develop in the business world, most of the companies’ today face problems like misconceptions still surround mobile app development. Since years it’s been seen that many businesses venture into mobile app development without even understanding the difference between each approach.

Unveiled! Mobile App Development Trends for 2016

With the pace of technology, today, in mobile industry, developers cannot feasibly rely on older technologies and development tools. The same applies for older app development strategies and plans too. Apart from innovation, adoption of latest trends is also an important task for corporate culture and enterprises cannot afford falling behind in the current market.

Why your Retail Business Needs A Mobile App?

In the increasingly mobile, digitally oriented world, for retailers it has become a necessity to embrace an omni-channel strategy. Today, most of the stores or restaurants are likely to have an app that help their customers’ book or glance through the options. These mobile apps are easier to understand and help one seamlessly to get what they need in a jiffy.

Owning an ecommerce store? Here’s a 5 point guide for customer retention

The foundation of ecommerce businesses has always remained their ability to retain customers. The fierce competition between ecommerce stores makes the fact undeniable that their foremost priority lies in making and retaining customers. With a number of available options, maintaining customer loyalty often becomes a challenge.

How to pursue your mobile app development idea?

Have you got an ingenious idea for building a mobile app but do not have a clue how to move ahead? Worry no more! We at Tricon Infotech have successfully developed and launched several mobile apps and know exactly what it takes for an app to shoot up in app stores. Want to know our key to success? Read on these steps…

How startups can benefit from Agile Software Developments?

The law of the jungle, “Survival of the fittest” applies even to the many startups emerging in different industries recently. Not all those who start big are able to make it to their goals and those who are best, survive. There are a myriad of obstacles that evolve in the way of successfully running a startup, particularly those operating in the IT sector.