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Education in 2017: Trends to Watch Out!

2016 was a vibrant and an eventful year for the education sector, as it is never-ending sphere, which is growing at a steady speed. Numerous new developments took place and a gamut of themes and subjects gathered pace to further change the education landscape for the better.

Most Prominent Benefits of Hybrid Mobile App Development

In case of mobile development there is no approach like ‘one-size fits all’. You are free to develop native, web-based or hybrid mobile app. But out of these the most preferred one is hybrid mobile app, as it is loaded with several benefits. Let’s have a glance at some of the most prominent benefits of hybrid mobile app development:

Want to Run a Successful Web Design Business? Things to Know

When we listen to the stories of great web designers, starting a web design business looks facile. Starting a business of your own is definitely not a ‘cakewalk’ you should have designing skills along with a mature plan and sincere efforts to get your business run efficaciously.

3 Benefits Adaptive Learning Technology Offer

From past few years “Adaptive Learning” is a term frequently used in education but today, with the advent of more ubiquitous technology in schools, education systems are giving more importance to the advantages of leveraging adaptive techniques within both instructional programs and assessments. The basic concept of adaptive learning is simple

E-learning Trends that Will Rock 2017

With the pace of technology, innovation is accelerating and the society is changing faster than ever. With artificial intelligence, mobile apps for education and game-based learning, education is becoming way more fun! In short together technology and education are changing the face of global learning.

Mobile App Development Tips for Your Small Business

Whenever a startup or a small business tries to come up with mobile strategy it happens that they make mistakes. They have several constraints like fewer employees, small budget, less exposure and lack of experience. If you want your mobile apps to deliver business then you ought to be more cautious.

How can Progressive web Apps Benefit Your Organization?

Earlier in the past, in order to do different things on our computer we had to install different applications but now with technology evolving a lot can be done through browsers. Today, the same radical shift you can see in the mobile landscape too, for instance no more downloading app from the play store. Wondering why? Because Progressive Web Apps (PWA’s) are here

5 Mobile App Development Trends to Make a Mark in 2017

It is definitely not an exaggeration if we say that mobiles have become an “inseparable” part of our lives. Waking up with an alarm, checking WhatsApp messages, updating Facebook status, watching YouTube videos, checking mails, online shopping and banking is seamlessly executed from our mobile devices.

5 Reasons to Build Accessible Websites

Ever thought how will you use a mobile device or computer if you are visually impaired or have hearing problem? Use a mouse, keyboard or touch the screen? Usually people with disabilities use a wide range of assistive technologies to navigate these obstacles,

No Tech Skills, Still Want To Build a Mobile App? Three Ways; Explained!

Today, mobile is considered to be one of the most lucrative industries and it is seen that many startups are launching their own applications, that too without any background in tech. Are you planning to build a mobile app? Then what’s the delay? You too can start a mobile application industry by creating the right team, learning new skills and using right web-based tools.

Big Data Trends to Watch Out For In 2017

From past few years it is seen that big data has evolved and become more enterprise ready in terms of recovery, usability, back-up and performance. Today, with the help of big data we are able to proactively drive business results and make more meaningful decisions instead of merely analyzing about why something happened.

Challenges, Product Development Managers Face

Being an organization, do you have a comprehensive product development plan? Did you think through all the factors right from the idea generation phase to the testing phase? It might happen that you have worked through all the possible strategic steps, but you still think that you lack something.

Content Marketing: Benefits You Can’t Ignore

‘Content Marketing’ the name itself entails promotion of a brand or a product using content. Most of the marketers think content marketing is just the process of writing a blog and publishing it to the company website.

Planning To Build a Mobile App? Look for These Features

Today in this ever-expanding app landscape it has become very difficult to stand out in the market. Till now if you see more than million apps are available on the iPhone app and Google Play store. So it will not be surprising to know that the competition between the apps will be tauter than ever.

Abundant of App Developers: Tips to Choose the Best One!

When there is a rise in demand, people to fulfill that demand is also in abundance. To attract more customers there are app developers who scream at the top of their voice. Now this makes difficult for the customers to choose a best mobile app development company. In confusion usually customers land choosing an unqualified one!

Are you aware of Mobile App Future Trends?

With smartphones becoming more affordable from past few years number of persons using wireless mobile telecommunications for instance 3G and 4G has increased double the number. This indirectly has made mobile app industry a big hit. It seems that in coming future billions of devices on the internet is expected to come.