Enterprise Application Development

The major backbone of any productive workforce is Enterprise Applications. Our enterprise application developers can help you in all ways, whether it is a schedule application that manages your workforce tasks, or an application for obtaining real time information on your sales force.

We at Tricon have software development teams who are well-versed with industry practices to ensure that customer application is built to the level of scalability that your organization needs. Our expert developers have developed and delivered end-to end solutions for numerous enterprise applications, for major clients worldwide and have deep insights into the software development life cycle of enterprise applications.

Digitizing Client’s Enterprise Operations in a Subtle, Innovative and Cost-Effective Manner

We also understand the importance of working within a fixed budget and thus we work according to your requirements.

Here are some of the services we provide as an enterprise application development company:

  • Re-engineering

We provide enterprise applications to organizations such that they can reap the benefits of reusing and enhancing their existing technologies, instead of building new ones from scratch or simply upgrading their existing systems.

  • Integration

We provide applications that become an integrated set of collaborating components and services rather than a collection of a few colossal programs that combine the navigation code, data access logic, business logic and user interface into a single executable.

  • Accomplishment

By organizing the application into n-tier architecture, endorses improved performance, increases scalability, reusability and portability. Additionally, it also allows parallel development and ongoing maintenance. Thus we help customers to manage their applications in a better way with the help of enterprise application development and integration.

  • Performance and Security

We provide software applications that are capable of handling cumulative number of application users. Also we ensure that the server and databases are enhanced for performance in the most acute load sessions too. Additionally we do server checks to understand its performance and to test for maximum concurrent users. Our developers and processes are attuned to the latest in standards to provide the utmost levels of security to our clients.

  • Scalability

We understand the criticality of time in enterprise application development. Our expert developers build software for growth of the organization, allowing easy upgrade of the software to the latest technologies. We with our deep technology expertise and domain knowledge architect smarter and innovative application services that meet business needs.

Tricon Infotech is an offshore enterprise application development company based in Bangalore, India. Our developers are capable of resolving all your enterprise development needs which includes complex security, large data sources, multiple devices & platforms etc. You can partner with us to solve your enterprise problems and reap benefits with our expertise and reliability.