GDPR Services

Who We Are

At Tricon we help you meet the GDPR deadline at warp speed. Many business are still planning their GDPR compliance paths. Our team will empower you to self assess your GDPR compliance and then work with you to create a remedial plan

What We Do

We guide you through the process of identifying what components of your business are applicable to the GDPR. The regulations can be often difficult to specify on your own, so you can rely on our help to insure your company against any fallouts of non-compliance. 

Our services will allow you to get the complete picture about your business’s GDPR readiness through:  

Inception & Discovery

When your business has multiple touchpoints, we help you discover which aspects are likely to fall under the GDPR purview.

Inception & Discovery
Readiness Assessment

Readiness Assessment

We then verify if the data collection, storage and security is compliant or not with current regulations and then suggest a corrective strategy . 

Measurement & Monitoring

Our GDPR dashboard will show you at a glance how far you need to go. It will help you set up your targets, track your progress, and see you through your goals.  It aids in measuring and monitoring the following aspects: 

  • Governance 
  • Policies and Guidance 
  • Transparency and Permission Guidelines 
  • Rights Management 
  • Records of Processing 
  • Supplier Management 
  • Training Awareness 
  • Privacy Impact Assessment 
  • Breach management 
  • Reputation management
Measurement & Monitoring

How We Do It

We are committed to help you achieve GDPR compliance quickly, secure data measure and monitor security control over the long-term.   

What Sets Us Apart

We don’t just offer you tools, we take you through the whole process of making your business GDPR compliant. Our emphasis is on reliable and timely service throughout compliance and beyond, for on-going monitoring.