COVID-19:  Moving Ahead – Tricon Infotech Can Help!


The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted businesses in unprecedented ways and means. The implications are significant, forcing people to adopt uncharted work methods with peers, customers and partners. It is critical to rapidly adjust to the new normal that ensures business continuity with minimal business disruption.   Extraordinary times demand extraordinary actions.

 Tricon Infotech reiterates commitment to assist our clients and associates across the globe to effectively manage and tide over this difficult time.

How Tricon Infotech can help in the areas of technology for “Work-From-Home” scenarios:


Social distancing and working remote is a given.  We can help organizations assist employees and associates set up their remote working environments as it is fundamental that the minimum required technology is in place.

Installing, setting up and testing  appropriate role based technology, (including at a minimum laptops, desktops, tablets, printers, power backups), is functional to effectively perform daily tasks is a necessary.  Tricon can remotely guide and assist employees setup these tools based on business need, role and responsibility and work type.

Virtual Collaboration and Communication

It is imperative for seamless WFH/remote working communication and collaboration tools to be in place.  These include telephones, mobile phones,  web enabled collaborative applications such as Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Hangouts, Webex, Slack etc.  These become mandatory,  especially when dealing with effective communication and collaboration across the organization while working with peers, team members and associates. Tricon can strategize and assist in establishing apt protocols and systems.

Remote Learning Sessions

Tricon’s information technology experts can assist your work force adopt and adapt to technology protocols, virtual working methodology via  web-based learning sessions to assist with remote technology work systems, methods and applications.

Seamless Networking

Working remotely requires the minimum internet bandwidth, data plans, VPNs, (private or public) as required and crucial network backup plans to ensure fail-safe working environments as connectivity is the backbone while working remotely.  Tricon can help with strategy, evaluation, setup and testing of these networks.

Business Continuity

Leveraging our own business continuity strategy and contingency plans – Tricon can assist organizations’ Human Resource and Finance departments with strategy and develop business continuity plans while addressing HR best practices deploying our home-grown, time tested HR and Payroll application. (Paywheel). Further, help with data/content/document archival, retrieval and secure cloud based backup.  Tricon can also develop and build “Management Information System” dashboards to help an organization’s management have a real-time pulse of their organizations complete remote working ecosystem.

Security And Risk Management

While working remotely cyber-security and network security is paramount, given that organizations would be exposed to a plethora of access systems and protocols.  So it is necessary to adopt a zero trust network access approach. Cyber attacks, network hacking, identify access, endpoint management, vulnerability, penetration, detection and prevention becomes all the more important.  Tricon Infotech can help setup and deploy secure firewall configurations, anti-virus and web security security systems including assessment, testing and remediation

Tricon Infotech’s highly skilled technical staff are on standby to serve and help your organization. Please contact us via email at