The post-pandemic world has seen a meteoric rise in the use of technology. The need for technology during the pandemic forced many companies to fast track their digital transformation plans to keep up with the market demands. This set the tone for future businesses as well and companies all over the world have understood the benefits of technology.

During this short space of time, many companies have adopted various technology in their operations. But the effectiveness or success of these technologies is yet unknown. That’s why it is vital for every IT company to have a set of indicators that help measure the effectiveness of the software delivery.

What should be analyzed? 

Delivery Success Indicators (DSIs): These are a set of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that help the manager keep track of all their projects efficiently. Project evaluation should be based on facts, this means that DSIs set should be based on events and behaviours – things that can be measured to show the actual state of software development.

Why are these indicators important?

It is important to clearly define the DSIs as it benefits both sides. The IT company can manage the project, while the client can have a more detailed and better understanding of how the work is progressing.

  • It helps in defining the status of the project, so there is a better understanding of where the project is at.
  • It will allow an IT partner to come to comprehensive conclusions and streamline the delivery process.
  • This helps in increased transparency, build trust and improve efficiency.

What are the biggest challenges related to DSIs? 

The set DSIs will help in successfully monitor the effectiveness of any software project. But this will take a lot of time and requires some analysis. It is important to use the indicators the right way, in order to collect data that actually reflects the situation. Below are some of the challenges.

  • Establishing indicators that are measurable and at the same time relevant to the success of the project.
  • Having DSIs create a common understanding among everyone involved in the evaluation process. Those specialists should see all the DSIs the same way.
  • Implementing DSI at the right time. When the project is new, the DSIs may not be applicable yet. It is advisable to wait a month or two before the first evaluation.

What are the benefits of DSIs?

The implementation of Delivery Success Indicators has proven to improve both the efficiency and the quality of the software. It is an approach that every IT company should adopt, especially when having multiple projects with various degrees of complexity at the same time. Here are some of the areas of improvement

  • Maintain a higher standard of the delivery process.
  • Help be more proactive, which helps prevent the occurrence of many critical issues.
  • Better define risks and take the appropriate protective measures beforehand
  • Be more reliable and dependable by showing your clients real facts and numbers.
  • In retrospection, know exactly why the project succeeded and what can be improved.


Having a set of quantifiable indicators greatly increases the chance of project success. These indicators show the managers from both sides the exact level of performance and it can be improved. It always helps to ask the right questions that reveal important details that can be overlooked.