Over the last 18+ months, most of the owners of small businesses have realized that in the wake of a pandemic like situation,  it’s technologies that can help them continue to stay in business and scale them in these dire times.


Very specifically during the pandemic surveys show that the customer buying patterns have taken a dramatic shift and online purchase is the most preferred by an overwhelming majority.

As per Mc Kinsey, ten years of adoption of e-commerce was compressed into 3 months (McKinsey), this was not only seen in geographies where online buying was prevalent but more promisingly in geographies where there was hardly any penetration of online purchases in the past. This change in behaviour meant that for small businesses to thrive and sustain, e-commerce is the most viable model plus the scaling is simple and incremental.

Moving to E-Commerce was no longer a luxury but a necessity for business survival. We now believe and have adopted contactless shopping as the new norm.

Process Automation:

Automation helps every business in improving and streamlining their services and helps in reducing costs. Small businesses can immensely benefit by automating their processes, one sure way is to use software applications across the organization to ensure that productivity is increased.

The Business Process Automation can be integrated within areas that include sales, marketing and customer care. Various solutions help in managing inventory, sales, deliveries and accounting to automate the same.

Operation streamlining: Businesses start small and many of them scale up, this will for sure need more complex business processes to handle the increased business volumes. ERP can help businesses improve their agility and adapt to business models quickly which leads to innovation as per the prevalent situation. ERP software’s and programs help to streamline and optimize the operations for companies.

Migration to cloud:

In today’s world it makes economic and security sense to migrate to the cloud, small companies find it extremely economical as they reduce their cost in terms of hiring IT teams and associated hardware and maintaining them.

Cloud solutions today help companies of all sizes in their expansion globally by handling complex processes like CRM, Order and inventory management. The software as a service (SaaS) has today practically eliminated the need for a brick and mortar setup to establish a business.

A small business that is eager and hungry for rapid scale-up of their business should invest in the right tools and platform to achieve the growth that they are aggressively pursuing.

We at Tricon have handheld numerous organizations in their successful digital journey and our expertise is across many industry sectors. Do connect with us to learn, explore and engage in this digital transformation.