While some countries are battling the deadly second wave of the coronavirus, while parallelly trying to ensure that more people get vaccinated so as to reduce the infection rate, Technology has constantly been helping and aiding the whole process.

Internet services have seen rises in usage from 40 % to 100 %, compared to pre-lockdown levels. Video-conferencing services like Zoom have seen a ten times increase in usage, and content delivery services like Akamai have seen a 30 % increase in content usage (Branscombe, 2020).

Let’s look at the role that Technology has had during this time:


Distance learning is here to stay for quite a while, what was considered as the last option is now seemingly the only option. The pace at which the students and teaching staff adapted to this mode of online classes and related assessments is solely thanks to the technologies that are so mature and reliable.

Contactless Deliveries

The growth that the online groceries market saw was a tremendous one during the pandemic, as people wanted to reduce their exposure if they had to visit a brick-and-mortar shop as they had done in the past. Technology platforms and out of the box solutions helped business reach out to their customers in an easier and reliable way.

The food delivery business adapted to technology to an extent that a customer today would know in advance about the delivery person and also his vitals like body temperature which is the need of the hour to soothe our nerves.


Now more than ever healthcare services is in heavy demand. With the help of various technology solutions, healthcare personnel can diagnose and treat patients remotely.

The biggest hurdle remote healthcare faced during this pandemic is to gather data to treat and contain the spread. Governments all over the world have embraced technology and building systems to effectively handle the outbreak.

Information Dissemination

With the highest penetration level of social media we are prone to a lot of disinformation that comes over way, social media giants like Facebook, Google, Twitter and others are striving hard to ensure that people are getting verified and accurate news. This effort from these technology companies helps us in ensuring that our anxiety level is under check.

Employee on and off boarding

As companies ramped up hiring of employees during the pandemic, this whole process on onboarding also moved to a virtual and online mode. Companies started using technology solutions that would enable the new employee to digitally submit required data for onboarding and this process led to reduced time for the same compared to the time spent in the past.

The process of off boarding an employee leaving the organization too went completely digital which also included online farewell meetings.

While there are many other areas that technology helped with during the pandemic, what we see with these changes is an absolutely New- Normal that’s evolving.

Technology is the New Normal’s backbone and in the coming short and medium term we shall rely on these time saving and proven solutions to drive our life both on the personal and professional front.