Responsive design is the buzzword in web design now, but people who are not web design professionals may not yet be aware of the benefits of this kind of design. For business owners, introducing a responsive design in their customer-facing website is key to gaining more customers, retaining customer loyalty, and increasing ROI. Read on to understand why investing in responsive design can help your business grow.

What is responsive design?

Simply put, responsive design is about designing a website in a way that it automatically scales up or down to the customer’s screen, optimized to whichever device they may be using. This enables customers to view the website easily without needing to scroll up and sideways or download the brand’s app on their phone. This is a very crucial function because businesses can fast lose customers if they are unable to view the website easily on their mobiles.

With responsive design, businesses no longer need to build and maintain multiple websites for laptop or mobile viewing. Their single customer-facing website will be responsive across all devices.

Why businesses today need a responsive design

Mobile shopping on the rise

Mobile shopping has been the big driver of eCommerce globally for the last few years. Mobile eCommerce is predicted to reach 3.5 trillion in worldwide sales in 2021 and makeup close to 72 percent of total eCommerce sales. And the key factor is that not only are mobile users increasing but also the total time spent on smartphones has increased dramatically. Therefore, it is important for businesses to meet their customers where they are and ensure that their mobile experience is optimized. Responsive design helps ensure that the website is mobile user-friendly, and businesses do not lose out on this important segment of the market.

Improved user experience

Customers now want to shop 24/7 from their phones. This has been increased because of the pandemic when people have stayed away from brick and mortar stores due to social distancing measures. However, they prefer not to download any more shopping apps on their phones for a single purchase and can drop the brand altogether if it causes any sort of minor inconvenience. On the other hand, if customers find that the mobile experience is seamless from browsing to product discovery and purchase, then they will be more likely to buy from the brand. Therefore, it is necessary for businesses to have a responsive design website that can scale down to the mobile shopping experience seamlessly.

Improved SEO

Search Engine Optimization is used by many businesses to improve their ranking on Google. This helps them get more easily discovered by new customers who typically view only the first page of results when searching for something. With a responsive design, business websites become more mobile-friendly. This is important to note because in 2015, Google announced that websites would be ranked for mobile-friendliness in its search engine algorithms. This provides a greater incentive for businesses to have a mobile-friendly site that can be achieved by investing in responsive design.

Lowered costs

With responsive design, your business can have one website that will scale across multiple screens. This reduces the costs of building and maintaining separate websites for different screens and is easily managed. The other advantage of this is that all digital marketing efforts can be streamlined with a single website instead of having to consolidate them over multiple sites.

Also, smaller businesses usually do not have the resources to constantly update their websites, as this requires the services of professional web designers. The advantage that a responsive design website offers is that business owners can make any updates quickly and easily, thereby saving them further costs of hiring someone for every update.

Responsive design is a crucial strategy in today’s dynamic business environment. Investing in responsive design with the help of a trusted IT services provider can reap rewards for businesses while building resilience for the long term. Tricon Infotech has been helping enterprises and start-ups achieve digital transformation for over two decades. If you are thinking about taking steps forward to a responsive design website, contact us to learn more.