Small businesses have been hit hard by the pandemic and can take longer to recover, as compared to large enterprises. Innovation can drive small business growth in times of crisis. They can develop more digital capabilities and empower their workforce to survive not just the current crisis but also build resilience in the face of any future disruption.

Empowered workforce

Organizations are facing unique challenges in the Covid-19 era, especially since they are now working with a remote or hybrid workforce. A resilient and empowered workforce is crucial to help small businesses innovate rapidly in a crisis. Small businesses can invest in collaboration software platforms and tools that will help them keep the teams on track and collaborate effectively to ensure work continues without a hitch.

To empower employees, companies should encourage personal growth by providing opportunities for them to develop their potential by building new skills. This is a good opportunity to invest in software platforms that can help employees stay connected to teams, the organization, and have access to learning, internal project opportunities, and open roles within the organization. HR software can help employees cut down significantly on dependencies and downtime and empowers them to focus on career and personal growth.

Pivot to eCommerce

With social distancing measures in place all over the world and foot traffic reduces, it is beneficial for small businesses to innovate by shifting to eCommerce. Customers now are looking for frictionless experiences from discovery to payment and delivery, and small businesses can capitalize on this by keeping their audience in mind. Digital transformation can help them connect and engage with customers 24/7 via chatbots on their websites.

Enhanced Cybersecurity

As small businesses continue to innovate and expand their reach, it is important to ensure cybersecurity at all levels to protect the company and customers from fraud. Small businesses unlike large multinational organizations, cannot afford to compensate customers after any digital errors and stand to lose much more. Hence cybersecurity must become a top priority for businesses that are undertaking the digital transformation and innovation journey. Businesses should look for solutions in eCommerce platform security, payment orchestration, and customer data management to begin with, to ensure that the most important data is always protected.

Innovation is key to help small businesses grow and stay relevant during the global pandemic. It is equally important for small businesses to partner with a trusted IT services provider to lead the path to digital transformation. Tricon Infotech provides a vast range of IT solutions across business areas and industry sectors. Connect with us today to learn more about how our solutions can enhance your business.