Client challenge  

The publishing industry has seen a wave of change with the digital revolution in recent times. Technological disruption has posed several fresh challenges for legacy brands who are at the forefront of education and research. As online learning is becoming increasingly adopted by educators, universities, research institutes, and school districts, textbook publishers need to build a digital strategy that will keep pace with end-user needs.  

We partnered with a multinational publishing giant, one of the world’s leading publishers of scholarly journalsbooks, and reference works and a household name for graduate students and research guides and students that were quick to recognize how the market had shiftedOur task was to help them successfully make a digital transformation and reimagine their business.  

Client Goal 

Our client had an ambitious Digital-First vision to completely transform the way it does business and harness new opportunities in e-commerce and data and content management.  It was saddled with multiple legacy web applications that were not mobile, had largely unconsolidated data and were burdened with physical catalogues. Their aim was to unify their content experiences and data streams and embrace the digital space to lead the way for the industry. 

Our Impact   

Over the course of our partnership, we delivered reliable and effective solutions to help the client achieve their goal of becoming a Digital First business. Our client was empowered to make efficient use of resources, and profit from a unified e-commerce experience, mobile content, automated content management, and automation of key processes, thereby saving costs and increasing efficiency and productivity. 

Our Solution  

Undertaking digital transformation for any business is a big ongoing journey. For established, big brand companies it can also mean taking a deep dive into their core business processes to prioritize which can be optimizedWith the client on board, we worked on a strategy to chart out their digital transformation map 

We began with their legacy B2B e-commerce system to build an in-house application that would serve as a unified book experiences platform. Keeping in mind the client’s vision, we built a website and then worked on creating an API platform. We laid a robust architecture and built a scalable platform.  

We discovered that there was another problem with their content management with unconsolidated data. We worked with the client on a platform to unify and consolidate their complicated and often duplicated streams of data gathered from multiple web applications. We implemented an orchestration engine which has led to the automation of many tasks.  

We created a tabletbased app that would allow the sales teams to carry and present digital catalogues to their clients with ease. The app also has an offline mode, which further improves mobility and ease of access. 

In the Digital First initiative, we built a pipeline for content – defining the diverse personas – authors, editors, librarians, and researchers – that would interact with the system, and creating workflows suited to each. Key operational processes were automated for efficiency. We also leveraged AI in their new content platform, an end-to-end system that aligns with their Digital First vision. 

Today the client has successfully reimagined its business processes to thrive in a changing environment and engages more deeply and effectively with its growing audience.