The coronavirus pandemic has had a massive impact on education the world over. Most countries have closed colleges, schools, and universities. UNESCO estimates that this has impacted 72% of the world’s student population from kindergarten up to higher education.

Many educational institutions have transitioned or are planning to transition into digital learning for the rest of the academic year and possibly longer. In fact, according to a recent Credit Suisse port, EdTech is one of the few industries that has seen a sharp increase in demand in the past few months.

Traditionally, educational institutes have relied on lecture-based approaches to teaching but now the pandemic has forced many institutes to seek innovative digital solutions to ensure that students can continue learning and interacting with teachers. Distance learning tools, which were earlier mostly used by institutes for higher education, are now becoming popular with K-12 schools. Even schools that have not yet fully adopted a digital approach to education are beginning to use video conferencing tools like Zoom, Bluejeans or Google Hangouts to provide students opportunities to connect with teachers.

Online resources and online libraries are being improved and used more than ever, to help students get a blended learning experience. There is also the hope that the current spike in demand for online educational tools and platforms will continue in the long term. As teachers get comfortable using online tools, they are likely to continue using them to strengthen education strategies long after the pandemic ends.

Along with educational institutes, textbook publishers are focusing on building digital tools and learning platforms that are designed to help professors teach, assess, and mentor students to achieve academic success. Interactive textbooks can now be customized by professors to align with their courses. Schools and colleges have already adopted learning & homework management systems that allow them to personalize education for each student and assess their academic progress.

As the education industry explores new avenues in remote education, IT service providers can shine a light and showcase solutions that be customized to meet educational goals. Tricon Infotech has deep expertise in developing EdTech tools to help educational institutes and learning science companies create award-winning education solutions. Connect with us to learn more about how we can help clients leverage tech solutions that work for educators and students alike.