Chatbots are now quickly becoming an essential component of a service-oriented business website. This is because client/customer expectations are changing rapidly, and companies need to keep pace. An optimized chatbot can not only increase conversions to your website but also save you costs in the long run. As companies focus on improving customer service to gain a competitive edge, chatbots can lead the way in navigating a better user experience for customers.

Types of chatbots

There are two main types of chatbots that are generally created for business: Scripted and Intelligent. Scripted bots often used for automation, are the simplest, designed to handle conversations that will take a specified direction. Customers will get a set response to questions. Intelligent chatbots use AI to allow for more flexible conversations and respond to complex queries from customers. They can use historical data mining and ML to learn from each conversation.

Advantages of using chatbots

Businesses now must run 24/7. Customers expect to connect with a business at any time during the day or night to get information and if they cannot reach out via a digital touchpoint, companies stand to lose out. Customer service requests cost companies annually $ I trillion worldwide. Most businesses will not have human agents or resources available year-round, 24/7 to handle these queries and here’s where chatbots come in. They can solve repetitive queries, allowing human agents to deal with the complex ones and can save businesses both time and money. In many cases, the open rate for chatbot driven messages is higher than email marketing and allow for greater personalization.

They fortify your brand further in the minds of the customer by ensuring an immersive, personalized and conversational user experience whenever they connect with your business, leading to improved sales and conversion rates. They can also push product recommendations at set intervals to further entice the customer to return to your website and stay loyal to the brand. They are also easy to build and cost-effective.

Chatbot Uses

Businesses use chatbots for multiple purposes including customer service, marketing and to provide customers with an easier alternative to apps.

Customer Service Chatbots for FAQs

Chatbots are a great way to help customers with FAQ as they can get quick and direct answers rather than scroll through a long list to spot relevant queries. It is important to make provisions within the chatbot for follow-up questions and allow for redirection to a human agent to answer any complex questions.

Navigational Chatbots

These chatbots, as the name suggests, helps users navigate a website and find content more easily. This crucial nowadays as most customers are likely to leave the website quickly if they cannot find their desired content within a click or two, which results in lost business. A chatbot can provide quick answers to any queries and provide relevant links to content on the website without requiring the user to go through a drop-down list etc. And in the case of e-commerce, also provide the customer with more choices within the desired category or give limited-time offers or seasonal greetings to personalize the customer’s user experience. Such domain-specific chatbots are also a good alternative to apps, which users prefer not to install if it’s a single-use.

Marketing chatbots

Chatbots can be integrated with the marketing campaign’s lead generation and retention plan. They help strengthen your brand by engaging leads through the marketing funnel from awareness to conversion and send reminders like sale alerts or updates to draw them back to your website. These are commonly used by highly competitive B2C retail brands to ensure they retain market share even if storefronts are declining.

Businesses can improve customer experience and improve brand recall tremendously with the intelligent use of well-optimized chatbots. At Tricon Infotech we work with you on a range of IT solutions that can boost your business, including chatbots. Connect with us today to learn more about how our solutions can enhance your business.