Certifications are important in every industry. People spend a lot of time and money to get certifications in a specific skill or domain. The drill normally involves referring multiple sources and online forums where the process of learning these concepts is not very effective and engaging.

One of our clients came to us with the exact same challenge of making the process of preparing for certifications fun and interactive using a mobile-based application.






The client initially had an idea of using flashcards to prepare for certifications. The idea of flashcards was interesting and we started working with the client to refine the idea further.

Through our discussions with the client, it came out that the target customer segment of working professionals likes to listen to podcasts or music while commuting to the office, working out in the gym or while traveling.

It was decided to combine the idea of flashcards with a voice as someone can hear an audio flashcard while doing other activities also. An audio flashcard could let the user review the entire curriculum in less than 3 hours.

Additionally, the application is designed as a platform which can be used for generating a mobile application for any number of courses by feeding in the right course content. The platform can host certifications for multiple domains without extra coding.



With audio flashcards, we had the unique value proposition of the product. As the next step of letting the users test their learning through audio flashcards and recreating the environment of actual certification exam two kinds of tests were created in the application.

One is a sample test which takes the user through a limited set of multiple choice questions and gives the user a general idea of the interactions and the flow of the test.

The second test is a complete certification exam made on similar lines as the actual certification exam and lets the user test their learning of the topic and get an experience of the actual certification exam.

The final leg is the analytics provided in the application which enables the users to analyze their performance in the tests. They can see which topics they are weak in and needs improvement. Users can see the progress through multiple tests. The system can tell users their level of expertise on the test certifications and when is the right time to take the actual one.


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