What is IoT? Are you aware? Internet of Things (IoT)— A huge network that connects virtually every electronic device around us. IoT is one of the transformational trends that is expected to shape the future of businesses in 2017. Many organizations use IoT to grow their business and enhance customer relationships while improving productivity, reliability, quality, and reduction of risk, cost and theft. Utilizing IoT in a proper way companies will be adding few benefits like better insights, new customers, and improved customer satisfaction.

Let’s analyze some of the top IOT trends that are driving our lives into a completely new world:

  1. Security is Key

With more and more devices getting connected, the security of those devices, along with their networks and data, will be of paramount importance for companies within the industry.

This year we might also witness instances of hacked IoT devices and networks revealing points of weakness, through sophisticated IoT products. Nowadays leading service providers and vendors seem to have partners to address issues.

  1. Cognitive Computing

Cognitive computing, today is one of the most interactive agents of Artificial Intelligence. Cognitive computing addresses complex situations for instance, it handles human like problems. Cognitive computing systems are often in to weighing conflicting evidence and suggesting the best answer rather than a right answer. Parallel advancements in Big Data with data being the fuel of this highly interactive technology this makes cognitive computing grow widespread in the IoT environment. Further in 2017, the role of cognitive computing in IoT growth would also be due to the rise of the Digital Economy in India.

  1. ‘Digitalized’ Health Sector

Imagine you have a wireless device that monitors your glucose levels? Amazing isn’t! In 2016, we saw development of wearable devices that monitors an individual’s health and fitness. But are you aware that today there are much more advanced, health-monitoring, devices out there?

Today’s high tech pacemakers comes with loads of benefits specifically for patients who require regular checks and severe control of their health.  These machines are built in such a way that the connections allow them to exchange information with the hospital staff and doctors, as well as the machine’s vendor.  Even though the pacemakers are not always active, these connections are used to configure and set the parameters of the devices, in order to remotely monitor its activity, and to transmit the data to its carrier.

  1. Application Programming Interface (APIs)

APIs usually works like an interface and it connects large amounts of relevant information with IoT. This makes it more useful and powerful. API’s are considered as one of the essential part of Internet of Things, without which they cannot work.

It connects multiple devices with each other, thus enabling a large amount of data exposure and probability to explore unseen dimensions via IoT.

APIs help developers in writing or coding the programs that simplify software to software communication and also provides an interface between IoT devices too. This is one reason why API is considered to be one of the main elements of an IoT framework. Quality of IoT networks depends on the quality of APIs.  Thus in order to make the IoT more effective and efficient, the API will play a significant role in 2017.

Nowadays, IoT solutions are considered as one of the major driving forces behind the transformation of big industries. This is expected to enhance new business models, customer experience and enable changes in work processes. Our team at Tricon provide ideas and insights to organizations on the right IoT solutions in order to reap benefits of IoT technology. We also provide a secure, smart and connected experience work to product and platform companies in order to enhance their products.