Nowadays, there is a great demand for skilled programmers. Over the past decade, with coding jobs being popular, it is seen creating millions of employment opportunities every year. When you do programming passionately and flawlessly, the results are spectacular. With the pace of technological development, especially in the twenty first century, there are amazing works in the discipline of programming that have projected enterprise to bigger heights. These groundbreaking works prompted a few tendencies in programming which might be driven via efficiency, multiplied customization and appropriate usability.

Programmers now will have to keep themselves updated on what is trending in technology so that you can be at par with the dynamic wishes in programming. Let’s have a quick glance at some of most popular programming languages:

  1. Java

‘Java’— Object-Oriented high-level programming language, is one of the favorite amongst the developers for years, is a leader at present and may continue to rule this year with upcoming Java 9. The strength and rapidity in its performance is un matchable. And, as an icing on the cake it provides with the free and open-sourced platform. Additionally, the portability and dynamism adds to its credibility. Java is used by millions of programmers and devices globally. LinkedIn, e-bay, Amazon, Google Plus and many other famous websites, even IRCTC, use Java. The Android applications and Hadoop for Big Data analytics are few examples of its wide reach.

  1. Python

Python is an open-source, general-purpose, interpreted and one of the most usable languages, for the experts as well as the beginners. Not just universities use Python for the beginners’ courses even the tech majors like Yahoo, Google along with PBS and NASA use it. With an interesting combination of powerful performance, easily readable code, simple syntax and convenient debugging make it a great choice. Additionally, it is also bestowed with flexibility features and solving same problems with different methods. Web development, data analysis, scientific operations, and artificial intelligence are some of the major areas of Python’s professional efficiency. It is also used for designing games, desktop productivity tools and desktop applications.

  1. C++

C++, a hybrid extension of C language possess the qualities of both being a language for low-level and high-level programming. It’s one of the popular choices for designing game engines, audio or image processors, embedded software, device drivers, desktop applications and web applications. C++ is the combination of the generic and object-oriented programming features, and its strength is powerful performing capability.  Its major component features are direct hardware mapping and zero-cost abstractions, which make it, perfect fit for system programming. The framework of this language has influenced many modern scripting languages and also in creation of useful applications that will probably continue this year too.

  1. PHP

This is a server-side scripting language that majorly focuses on web development. It is known to form the base of two internet giants, WordPress and Facebook. If your future goals are to become a web developer, then PHP is an important language you need to be aware of.

In order to become a successful developer, try to master in multiple languages or rather train yourself to pick up new languages quickly so that you can adapt to changing job opportunities. So which programming language are you planning to learn to boost your skill-set? If you are an organization looking for best-in class software products and services, then Tricon is your destination.