How can Progressive web Apps Benefit Your Organization

Earlier in the past, in order to do different things on our computer we had to install different applications but now with technology evolving a lot can be done through browsers. Today, the same radical shift you can see in the mobile landscape too, for instance no more downloading app from the play store. Wondering why?  Because Progressive Web Apps (PWA’s) are here – the technology that “progressively” becomes an app when it gains more user interaction. It is neither a native app nor it’s a website with responsive design or mobile optimization. A progressive online application is a form of web design that provides visitors an experience like that of a mobile application, who log on to your website via a mobile device. Let’s have a look at some of its benefits:

  1. Offline Mode

In certain situations websites are restricted when it comes to internet connectivity. But on the other hand, mobile apps are often independent, allowing users to browse the app even when offline, thus increasing the engagement and availability greatly. With the help of progressive web app, information a visitor already accessed gets saved every time without any internet. Also suppose there is no internet connection and if the user browses a page not previously visited then instead of an error screen it will possibly show a custom offline page. This page can comprise of brand logo, information and sometimes more advanced features to keep the users engaged on the page.

It might happen that for some business models, this might not make financial sense, but e-commerce stores are an obvious platform for PWA’s. Business can possibly increase their engagement rates and customer retention if as an organization, they allow their visitors to access the product catalog in offline mode as well.

  1. Feels Like a Mobile App, Works Like a Website

A major point of sale for PWA’s are that they are usually designed to look and feel like mobile applications, allowing users to operate in familiar settings while still having the full functionality of websites with active data and database access. Just like websites, PWA’s can also be accessed via URLs and are therefore indexable by search engines, for instance it is possible to find the pages on Google and Bing etc. This can be a huge benefit when compared to mobile applications where all internal data is just internal.

Progressive web apps can be designed exactly like the existing corporate website or mobile app, or they can be sometimes different too, but it will let users know that they are browsing the PWA. Additionally, it is even possible to impeccably integrate the PWA into existing the website or app structure and design.

  1. No Need of App Store Submissions

With ever increasing regulatory points to adhere by, publishing an app in Google Play, Windows Phone Apps or Apple’s App Store can be a tedious and time consuming process. Developers can use progressive web apps, to push new updates without waiting for approvals, which is not currently possible with traditional mobile apps.

When users relaunch the progressive apps new updates will be downloaded automatically and with the option of push notifications the users will know that an update has arrived.

By upgrading your website to a progressive app, your company can create popular, engaging app-like interaction with customers and visitors enjoy without investing in an app and website. Progressive apps will increase visitor engagement, make buying or accessing content simple, and bring extra repeat visitors than business apps do. At Tricon, our experienced professionals ensure that customers receive the most up-to-date products and apps. If your organization is looking for secure web application development, Tricon Infotech should be your first choice!