Mobile App Development Trends to Make a Mark in 2017

It is definitely not an exaggeration if we say that mobiles have become an “inseparable” part of our lives. Waking up with an alarm, checking WhatsApp messages, updating Facebook status, watching YouTube videos, checking mails, online shopping and banking is seamlessly executed from our mobile devices.  Thus use of mobile apps or smartphones will continue to dominate in 2017.

Let’s have a sneak peek into the new mobile app development trends that will make a mark in 2017:

  • Wallet Applications and Secured UPI (Unified Payment Interface) Payment

With a major step “demonetization” taken by the Indian government, Indian market is booming and is encouraging cashless society. Thus in short, large number of Indian population that was dependent on cash transaction will move to this cashless revolution. Also the need for mobile wallet, UPI payment and mobile payment solutions will increase for sure. Most of the financial solutions have started working towards this. Major businesses were accepting credit/ debit cards and online payments but small businesses were dependent on cash flow but introduction of wallets and UPI payments will bring big change for them. This will allow them to send and receive payment instantly from their customers and vendors.

  • More Growth in Enterprise Application

Mobile applications if utilized wisely can drive efficiency and growth to any business. In future, with more development firms focusing on development of the mobile application will help the enterprise workforce to manage their day to day business efficiently. Mobility being a key business initiative will make businesses more flexible for their customers.

  • Mobile App Analytics Attached with Big Data and Data Science

Mobile applications are all about user experience, user interface and personalization. In future, big data analytics and data scientists will help organizations in integrating these technologies with their mobile applications to make data easily accessible through mobile devices and help in growth of business, enhancing customer experience. Also big data and data science will use the data generated by mobile application to create plugins that can connect with mobile applications and generate more modified recommendations and gain customer attention foreseeing various things that a mobile application user wants.

  • Mobile Application Security

Nowadays, we see more number of instances of phishing, hacking and breaking into the mobile applications. As hackers continue the trend of exploiting known security gaps in mobile apps for stealing sensitive and confidential information, data security will be prime focus for the app developers and the owners to minimize risk of information and data leakage. More secured authentication mechanisms, encryption of the data over the air is mandatory for controlled and secure mobile app functionality.

  • Progressive Web Apps

The term ‘Progressive Web App’ is not just any technical term, but it’s a kind of revolution in the digital world. Progressive web applications are a cross of the traditional web pages and the mobile applications that the android and iOS store hosts. These apps are highly responsive, secure as well as linkable to URLs. Any agencies that can’t afford a developer to build and maintain an app can always consider progressive web apps, as it will offer advantages over traditional mobile applications & even browser-based apps because of their ability to work across multiple devices, their speed and the ease with which they can be developed and deployed.

When it comes to mobile app technologies, skilled software developers cannot always rely on outdated tools and trends at the development stage. 2017 so far is bursting with a host of potential and app developers who can enhance their skills better if they have an understanding into the latest mobile app development trends. Tricon, over the years has emerged as a noticeable name for providing mobility solutions and developing remarkable mobile applications. Our expertise extends on developing apps on iOS, Android, Tizen and Windows etc.