From past few years it is seen that big data has evolved and become more enterprise ready in terms of recovery, usability, back-up and performance. Today, with the help of big data we are able to proactively drive business results and make more meaningful decisions instead of merely analyzing about why something happened.

From governments using big data to defend against terrorist attacks to agricultural companies increasing crop yields and medical researchers forecasting disease spread patterns, the big data revolution is now bigger than the past industrial revolution. While the industrial revolution taught us how to create things, big data continues to expand, making the world more connected, smarter, and efficient than ever before. Let’s have a look on what can industries and businesses look forward to in 2017 and how can big data technology and the community creates greater value for these businesses and users:

  • Bootstrapping the ‘Data Skills Ecosystem’

With the pace of technologies transforming businesses, the companies that do not have professionals with up-to-date skills will not survive. As of now, big data and analytics are no longer just buzzwords, but one of the most anticipated skills for professionals to get hired in 2017.

In 2016, we have seen governments, academic institutions, public sector organizations, and private sector players together building an environment where technology and data talent can better flourish and thrive. In order to keep pace and build the data workforce of the future, big data and analytics will continue to grow and take the center stage. Today, “talent” is the new challenge that is impacting countries, industries, and companies across the globe. In 2017, governments are expected to continue the launch of open data initiatives and skills training programs, such that companies will focus on training their current employees, and academic institutions along with the industries will work together to ensure their students are ready for future careers.

  • Autonomous Instead of Connected

With world becoming more connected and “things” getting smarter, there is higher chance of autonomous behavior being the next stage in the big data revolution. Machine learning being the latest buzzword and an important ingredient for autonomous capabilities will allow the creation of complex algorithms to drive behavior without pre-defined business logic.

Till now, processing Internet of Things (IoT) data has enabled users to develop at more data-driven and sophisticated insights in real-time. In 2017, big data will play a major role in developing algorithms that will be the driving force for autonomous capabilities. In order to generate and continuously improve algorithms required for autonomous devices, organizations will need massive data storage and computing capacities. Big data as a raw material will make us smarter and more efficient.

  • Secured Future

In 2016, we have known the importance of cybersecurity solutions and impact of security breaches for today’s businesses. In 2017, big data will play a major role in protecting organizations’ assets from cyber threats— in short, in near future fighting cyber-crime will rely on leveraging data for cybersecurity purposes. With technology evolving day by day and the world getting interconnected, there is greater innovation to improve day to day living. Perse, more privacy issues and sophisticated security breaches will be brought to the limelight – those that traditional security boundaries and technologies won’t be able to prevent or resolve.

This year, probably combination of modern platforms with machine learning will be the key to the early detection of threats and issues in 2017, moving towards a more data-driven and smarter, secure future.

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