Most of the people who use smartphones and tablets, for them everything is easy with a mobile app. With the help of these apps solving problems have become even more convenient for instance booking tickets, paying bills, shopping, tracking calories etc. Nowadays many companies are investing time and money on mobile app development. Apart from generic mobile apps, the enterprise applications have also grown these days. Today, many of the businesses use enterprise mobile applications to do variety of official tasks like monitoring performance, location and other activities. Just like any other information technology enterprise application development too changes rendering to market needs and latest innovations. Let’s have look at some of the latest trends in enterprise application development of 2016:

  1. Apt Security

It’s been seen from years that cybercrimes are on rise. Nowadays cyberattacks are beyond our imagination. But even being aware of hackers some companies have still not upgraded the security features to their applications. This year app security is on the top of the list of priorities for mobile app development companies in India.

  1. Upsurge in Citizen Development

A never ending communication gap has been seen between the business units and IT departments, from past few years. There is always a need for a solution but as IT departments are already loaded with several application requests thus take time to find any sort of resolution. This being a regular state of affairs, business users instead of waiting, they go for cloud solutions that re readily available in the market. Thus because of this “Shadow IT” is the new problem that has been going on for some time and this makes it difficult for the IT people to monitor their data. With such problems rising need of faster IT solutions is crucial, thus the trend of Citizen Development is likely to rise.

But what is Citizen Development or who is a Citizen Developer? A user who creates a new business application for others to use by means of development and runtime environments sanctioned by corporate IT is a citizen developer. In short almost anyone, from business analysts to HR managers can create their own applications or solutions with the help of IT-approved development software.

  1. Adoption of Hybrid Apps

Over past few years, usage of mobile phones has increased rapidly. As a result, business employees are nowadays expecting enterprise web applications to be accessed through their phones as well. Users expect to access the same application through tablets and other devices too. This increases the demand for hybrid apps. Besides, there are two main challenges that developers face in native app development one is the need for fast development and other is the lack of skills. Native app development is a time-consuming process. Apart from these, the benefits of hybrid apps are reduced cost and better performance, demanded and popular.

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