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The foundation of ecommerce businesses has always remained their ability to retain customers. The fierce competition between ecommerce stores makes the fact undeniable that their foremost priority lies in making and retaining customers. With a number of available options, maintaining customer loyalty often becomes a challenge.

An effective ecommerce strategy is the key. Here we have listed a few techniques for retaining customers and increase sales revenues.

  1. Custom-made emails

An average email user is subjected to receive several emails in a day and most of them are disregarded by the user. Some emails are not even opened to be read and are directed to trash and deleted. To ensure that your emails about your products, offers and deals etc. are read, they need to be tailored as per the demands of customer. These demands can be identified based on the research and analytics collected through various mediums that depicts purchase behavior. Structure your emails such that they grab attention and call-to-action within a particular time frame.

  1. Educate the prospects

Websites and official blogs are the best mode of educating your prospective customers. Moreover, you can let them learn more about technical details, capabilities and your approach to solving problems through more specific contents like case studies, white papers, ebooks etc. All these resources must cater the needs of customers and give precise information on what they usually search for. Do highlight them on your website and provide details upon request.

  1. Service and support

Post sales customer support is crucial for all ecommerce stores. You must have a dedicated team available to assist your clients’ with their concerns and queries. There are several options to attend customer concerns and resolve them upright so that their trust is maintained. These options are- email support, live chat, telephone support, FAQ section on website etc. You must also respond to feedback on social media platforms and google reviews. This will give a positive impression to existing and prospective customers and assure better engagement.

  1. Be responsive

Never assume your prospects to be available only on a particular platform.  Your target group may use PCs/laptops, mobile phones or tablets to browse through your estore. You must take special care that you have a responsive website that performs on all platforms without any flaws. Customer loyalty is vital and it can come only when the customers can navigate through the offerings seamlessly without the need to spend time on switching devices.

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