mobile app development idea

Have you got an ingenious idea for building a mobile app but do not have a clue how to move ahead? Worry no more! We at Tricon Infotech have successfully developed and launched several mobile apps and know exactly what it takes for an app to shoot up in app stores. Want to know our key to success? Read on these steps…

  1. Research the market
  • Keep up with the trends your competitor follows
  • Use competitor apps to identify strengths and weaknesses
  • Offer something “extra” to attract large number of users
  • Identify on which app store maximum of your target audience is found
  • Research for specific keywords that relates to your business and customers

Research is the primary and most crucial step while progressing with your mobile app developments, followed by planning. The planning phase can be broken down into these subsequent steps:

  1. Outline the scope
  • Describe the purpose your app is meant to serve
  • Recognize the target groups who will use your app
  • Explain how you extend your business offerings through this app
  1. Choose a platform
  • iOS and android being most popular, choose a platform where most of your customers exist
  • Consider geography, cost and other aspects to decide
  • Pick a platform that complements your business and provides flexibility to customize app features
  1. Select an app name
  • Name your app such that it clearly defines your business/ product/ service
  • Choose to impress and express
  • Be consistent in your presence over mobile app, web or any other channel
  1. Estimate on the budget
  • Assign a budget for every key feature to be incorporated in the app
  • Keep a handsome margin towards the higher end to map developments that go beyond the actual estimation
  • Include expenditure for using latest technology, skilled resources and other associated costs too
  1. Hire a skilled workforce
  • Freelancing, outsourcing or in-house hiring- prefer one that best suits your budget and business
  • Do not compromise on the required skillset your developers should possess
  • Browse through the developers’ portfolio ensuring they carry both relevant knowledge and skills
  1. Get funded
  • Approach investors with your unique idea to get funded
  • Use references and your personal/ professional network to reach out to prospective investors
  1. Launch your app
  • Implement your app’s marketing strategies right at the initiation
  • Gradually accelerate the investments and inputs as the developments proceeds
  • Target to take your app to the desired app store for launch
  • Encourage user feedback on app store as well as social platforms
  • Incorporate user feedback and provide regular updates

In case you’ve been hunting for an agency to pin down your requirements for a mobile app and introduce it in the market, hire android and iOS developers at Tricon. Our systematic approach as listed above has helped us create successful mobile apps and hold a reputable place in app stores. For more details on our mobile app developments, write to us anytime.