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In today’s cut throat competition over the web, owning a website to promote a business is not enough. The buzz of IoT (Internet of Things) has introduced us to a world with increased connected devices. An online identity is not just about having a dedicated website. It incorporates other aptitudes like social media presence, web and mobile applications, user experience, attractive designs and other branding tools for business.

For building an online identity, a number of decisions need to be made on why a business must invest into it. Cited under are 3 reasons why a business must not ignore capitalizing on online identity…

  1. Global reach

No matter how great or unique your idea is, if it can’t reach the prospects, it isn’t working. A successful business will be the one who will use their idea with a structured plan, utilize their resources and make use of the scope of online marketing. This expands the global reach of business and promises growth. If this approach is followed, any business can promote itself in multiple locations, without any geographical constraints and build its online identity internationally.

  1. Online reputation

Visitors evaluate your website, web app or mobile app on the basis of certain criteria that decides a positive or negative online reputation of a business. These criteria may be quick loading time, link to pages (including landing pages), content accuracy, responsiveness, image and video library etc. The better the online reputation of any business, the more number of visitors will be attracted thus adding more to sales/ revenues.

  1. Customer retention

Building new customers is a lot more difficult than maintaining the existing ones. A business’s online identity ensures reoccurring income from the existing customers and this brings bundles of relief to all business owners. When a business invests wisely into its online identity, the customers tend to come back, explore the offerings and ultimately make purchase decisions. Plus, building a new customer base through ‘word-of-mouth’ of existing customers is also a possibility.

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