Era of Push Notifications

The mobile app development industry is surging and it seems nowhere to fade away any sooner. The number of new mobile apps entering into the market each day is mounting like wildfire. These mobile apps have brought a world of convenience to its users and their usage is unavoidable.

Mobile apps are a great means of promoting a business/ product/ service and have capabilities to reach a large customer base without geographical constraints. A number of strategies are adopted everyday by mobile app developers to make their reach stronger and better. However, using push notifications as a promotional tool have proven to be highly beneficial.

Push notifications are nothing but messages generated through a mobile app with the most appropriate information displayed right on the home screen of users. Push notification is a feature that is in-built in a mobile app and helps in sending promotional information to everyone who downloads the app. They aren’t paid means of promotions like email and SMS services.

Push notifications carry numerous advantages for businesses that use mobile apps to sell their products/ services. Let us discuss few-

  • Visibility and Recognition

 The format of push notifications is completely customizable and the display along with company/ app logo can be used along with the message. Users can easily relate to the logo and read the message right on their main screen and take action by just tapping on the notification.

  • User Engagement

 Users can easily get access to the information, offers, discounts etc. delivered through a push notification in quite a visible style. This ensures larger user engagement and so the probability of interactions or exchange process also increases.

  • User Control and Retention

 Users are free to disable or enable the push notifications for an app installed and so they have control of what they wish to receive in the form of promotions. This gives them a convenience of availing their choice of services on their fingertips. This also ensures that even if the app usability is not too frequent, the app stays in the user’s phone for future use when they really need it. As a result, user retention remains stable.

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