4 UI and UX hacks to own a great website

For a website to be called exceptional in all means, it must constitute three main components namely-

  1. Content exhibited on it
  2. Theme and design used
  3. Smooth and flawless navigation.

Fall short of any of these and your website misses that X-factor required to beat the innumerable competitors present in the market.

Here are the definitions of the terms User Interface (UI) & User Experience (UX) in simplest forms. User Interface may be referred to as everything that adds to the display and browsing options incorporated in a particular website. Whereas, User Experience is anything as a result of UI that offers the visitors a delightful experience. Though the terms are entirely different and serve distinct causes, they together contribute in the development and performance of a website.

In this blog are highlighted 4 UI and UX hacks to own a great website. Read on to know what they are.

  1. Navigation with structured and interconnected pages

 Most of the websites are divided into several web pages. And for this, it needs a menu. Menu is the index of your website and should be arranged right as it is desired by prospective customers. This means, the purpose of your website i.e. what and why you serve (products/services) must be clear. Every page must be interconnected and call for an immediate action that leads the customer to contact your service executives directly. However, appropriate verbiage is crucial. Be wise enough to use the right content at right page without being redundant, yet attract the user towards the desired information.

  1. Well-chosen aesthetics

Aesthetics includes the blend of colors, themes etc. Choosing corporate and soothing colors makes your website look professional. Also, irrespective of the platform you choose, choose website themes and templates that can be customized and scaled as per your business requirements. In case you go for economic options and choose for standard templates, make sure your designs, colors and placement of objects appears unique in its own way and attracts a large base of customers.

  1. Landing pages and links in footer, banners etc.

Your website can just not afford to pop those frowning 404 error messages. As all websites are built on an internal server at first and can be revised at all times before it goes live, make sure that all your landing pages are relevant to the topic and any link at the footer or any other area is relevant and complements where they have been placed. Dysfunctional links and pages can undoubtedly make the customer switch to better websites and thus will negatively impact the User Experience (UX) of your website.

  1. Best use of sliding banners

Today big banners are trending. Most of the users visit the website with an idea to get as much information as possible in least clicks. Banners are the best means of portraying your strengths, offering and other key information in fewer words. They help you publicize yourself in the form of pictures and helps in recall for customers through their photographic memory. Ensure that your website banners speak the most you want to.

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