The ‘buzz’ of Omnichannel

The fact is not unknown to any of us today that the buyers’ who are willing to shop and spend money has skyrocketed in the recent times. Technically, the Purchasing Power Parity or the PPP of youth has increased and so their shopping habits have also taken a shift.

The challenge to grab customers and convince them to buy something seems to be a primitive idea in 2016 and thereafter. Businesses and marketers have rather found yet another interesting and promising way of expanding their returns by going omnichannel.

Why Omnichannel?

With all the more channels and even more options to choose from, it has become difficult for sellers to grab consumers’ attention for a larger time. Considering the amount of distractions a consumer witnesses before finding and buying a product or service are almost uncountable.

Omnichannel is nothing but a marketplace that allows your business to sell across the platforms and channels that connects with the potential buyers. In other words, it is that technology that diminishes the line of distinction between selling on e-commerce, m-commerce or in a retail outlet.

As a result, this term becomes the nucleus of managing all the buying and selling operation by pulling in the inventory from walk-in stores or e-commerce portals or any other possible platform and pushing it to the ultimate consumers. And, no wonder why the strategy proves to be successful in the international marketplace nowadays.

The smart buyers of this generation when decide to buy start their research over the internet using Google or other search engines, followed by popular e-commerce sites and finally to feel or touch in their nearby experience stores.

 Nevertheless, most of the research from across the channels converges to sales process initiated by the retail stores. It would not be wrong to settle down on a fact that the retail is coinciding with e-commerce, m-commerce and physical outlets through omnichannel.


Businesses should be concerned on making their brand discoverable by all means and to embrace the offerings of omnichannel is exactly what it takes. No matter on what commerce platform a prospect customer prefers to buy, businesses got to break all boundaries and be discovered to initiate sales.

At Tricon Infotech we use advance technologies like hybris e-commerce development to help businesses expand their growth by availing the benefits of omnichannel platform. A lot of businesses have already upgraded to omnichannel world and we’re sure none wants to be left behind in the race. For all those who are yet to step-in, we are there to assist.

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