Ever since the advent of globalization, reaching out the world has become simpler. The business growth is no more confined to geographic margins and so industries are flourishing internationally. Information Technology, as a result, has been gaining tremendous competitive advantage by outsourcing software development projects and thereby saving high on time and costs.

Many small and large firms globally are outsourcing and benefitting by adding more to their competitive strengths. The most advantageous outcome of offshore developments is that companies can assign one or more functions to partners and still keep control of the full-fledged technical software without hassles.

Outsourcing or offshore development is a systematically executed approach wherein companies distribute responsibilities to those who can best handle the requirements, being cost effective. This ultimately reduces the billing of employees and decreases payroll costs too. This 6-point lesson plan will serve as a comprehensive guide on software development outsourcing.

1. Saves costs –

Countries like US, UK, Australia and many others from North America and Europe outsource their projects to India, Phillipines and other Asian countries. Consequently, they manage to save 70 to 90% of their labor costs through outsourced resources.

2. Saves time –

Considering the fact that employees are less burdened and focused on a particular set of responsibilities, their turnaround time for task completion reduces. This result in timely delivery and no additional costs incurred on delayed project timelines.

3. Cover up weaknesses –

It is not always necessary that the company may have skilled resources to work on scattered domain areas. Outsourcing will help exploit the knowledge and experience of developers worldwide and build applications that are high-performing.

4. Controls risk-

By outsourcing companies assures themselves of developments that are built on proven methodologies and have undergone quality management checks. Trial and error approaches are minimized and so risk management is controlled.

5. Implement “Utility Style Pricing”-

Encourages practices where companies can pay only for developments/ services accomplished within a timeframe, without worries of underutilized skillset and labor.

6. Hire experts under a single roof –

For a variety of specifications to be handled, companies connect with professionals having required domain experience. It minimizes the need to hunt for individual developers with precise knowledge from different locations.

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