4 Common Misconceptions about Offshore Development

Offshore development has become apparent as a majorly adapted trend in software development, web and mobile application development. When a development project or a set of requirements are handed over to a company, group or individual outside one’s own country, then it is called offshore development. Countries like India, Pakistan, and Philippines etc. have become the most popular offshore partners for USA, UK, Australia and several other countries across the globe.

Nevertheless, there are still a few common misconceptions carried in regards to the offshore development. Let us find out what they are and how reality is just the reverse of these wrong beliefs.

  • Offshore development is cheap; it compromises with quality

Not very long ago, offshore development in India, China, Philippines and other developing countries was considered only as an option of cutting costs on developments. Quality of developments did not have a role to play. But today, these countries are a hub of most experienced and skilled brains that can offer best deliverables to clients at a reasonable price. The quality offered is uncompromising as a result of in depth knowledge on complex concepts and hands on dealing with varied scenarios.

  • Offshore development is uncertain; you risk your time and money

This is too big a fear that resists companies to invest into offshore development. The thought of not getting timely delivery and appropriate product makes them believe all their time, money and efforts invested will go in vain. And above all, it will not be easy to reach out to the developers who operate in another country. What if they vanish someday?

Yes there may be bad players around, but not all fall under the same category. A thorough background check and review of work portfolio will do a great help. Communicating with ex and existing clients throughout the world isn’t a difficulty anymore in this technological age. It is only about your conscious efforts of finding the right resource to work on your requirements.

  • Offshore development is impractical; time zones are the greatest barriers

All countries have different time zones and so there is a gap in their work schedules too. Yet, offshore partners are conscious of this fact and have adapted the culture of working in morning, day and night shifts. Moreover, they follow a flexible approach of arranging critical meetings and discussions as per the clients’ convenience.

  • Offshore development is expensive; setting up an in-house team is wiser

Employers often consider that monitoring and managing an in-house team is easier than to manage a team of remote developers. While the truth is that finding, recruiting and training a team is a costly affair. In case the process occurs through a hiring agency, another set of associated costs follow. On the other hand, hiring adept developers who are capable of transforming ideas into functioning products ensures utilization of time, investment at the right place and a long-term business relationship, proving to be a profitable agreement.


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