5 Must-Have Skills for Developers in 2016

Year 2015 is on the verge of completion and the coming year is supposedly going to bring with it a significant increase in the demand of developers. To seize the best opportunities for gaining experience and knowledge, the developers will need to possess some of the most apparent skills that will keep them stay ahead in their career. Discussed further are the 5 must-have skills for developers in 2016. The list is intensive enough to encompass the key indicators and consider how they can prove to be an advantage.

  • Enhance technical expertise

If you are a developer or aspiring to be one, you are already aware about the weightage “Technical Expertise” section in your curriculum vitae carry. From the languages you know to the SDLC, or just using the technical terms and knowing the Operating System requirements for developments defines how skillful you are technically. Besides, a developer must be keen on adding, updating and polishing his/ her technical skills as and when required. The 2016 hiring season is sure to bring lots of good news to those owning sound technical expertise.

  • Hone the soft skills

Development projects often come up as challenges to developers which test them on the ground of time, accuracy, and more such factors. Many a times, developers find themselves in circumstances where they have to exploit soft skills like business decision making, problem solving, communication, leadership etc. People who reach at successful positions are those who had not necessarily taken managerial lessons but have been able to utilize IT in the business. Developers who will hold sound soft skills will be an asset for employers in the New Year.

  • Master at least one of the major 3 domains

Java, .NET and PHP are indeed the leaders in software development world and these technologies will not fade away any sooner. As a developer, one must identify which of these three giants fall in their interests and then learn the language such that they are able to work on several live scenarios, every time with innovation and creativity. Moreover to master in this competency, it is important to thoroughly comprehend the libraries and frameworks used in it. Having hands on work abilities on either of these technologies will certainly give developers an edge in the year 2016.

One sign of a good developer is that he/ she does not limit to knowing only the core technologies and rather take a step forward in order to be familiar with the web tools used widely- HTML, CSS, JavaScript etc. And not just the basics, a developer must be able to work on the tools handsomely. This will add an extra element to your work profile and fulfill unique requirements emerging in many different companies in the forthcoming year.

  • Apply agile methodologies

A developer might be an expert in structuring complex codes but what about meeting deadlines, estimating and performing other associated roles? Agile methodologies are a redefinition of meeting project requirements and achieving the goals in an organized approach. Developments and testing are practiced better and the outcome is healthier through agile. Also the risk of project failure is highly reduced using agile software development. 2016 is an invitation to consuming agile methodologies conventionally all over.

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