Productivity Hacks for Software Developers

Every software developer, irrespective of the domain of work on e.g. mobile app development, web application development or others, has an own working style. The methodology they feel most comfortable in becomes their usual approach to get the job done. Nevertheless, after attending a few workshops on productivity and browsing through several online resources, I have ordered these 6 productivity hacks for software developers which I have personally implemented in practice and have found to be really profitable-

  • Prioritize your tasks

Being a software developer you are constantly reminded of accomplishing a task or two before a particular deadline. Within this state of panic that arises every now and then, it becomes vital to set your priorities and rather create a rough blueprint of your succeeding actions for the further developments. This will help you in completing the tasks in an organized manner and will optimize your valuable time.

  • Make a to-do list a day in advance

Assign yourself those 2 or 3 tasks (those you are to do on the next day and of course with high priority) right when you are leaving from work on this day. This will enable you to utilize your energy and freshness the next morning at the right places and not just move in-and-out of the pile of tasks that you are supposed to do. Most of your productivity comes from the morning hours of work schedule you follow.

  • Avoid distractions

Whether these distractions are self-made or created by others- you have to ensure that they should not affect your efficiency. None can deny the fact that in this technological age, everyone is exposed to numerous sources of distractions that are hard to avoid. And these may prove to be the biggest barrier in completing the assigned tasks, thus keeping you away from productivity at most of the times.

  • Balance in work and play

It is absolutely not possible to get yourself completely involved into work for prolonged durations. A bit of refreshment is required in between the work schedule so as to put in dedicated efforts and get maximum results in return. You have to allocate yourself breaks to have a cup of coffee, to brush through your social media updates, to play a game or anything else that interests you. But, maintain a thin line of distinction between play and distractions.

  • Keep a note of literally “everything”

Not only the work you have to conclude by the end of day/ week, but also things like paying bills, list of grocery items to be purchased etc., everything should be jotted down. This will help your mind be free from the responsibility of memorizing stuff and so utilize its capacities where it is actually required. From new ideas that strike you amidst something or a better work strategy you encounter in your project’s software development life cycle- all deserve a distinctive place in your notes.

  • Encourage more automation

Though as a programmer you are a strong believer in automating things, yet nothing can be greater than transforming almost all processes and diminishing manual intervention wherever possible. By doing this you save both your mental and physical energy that can be applied on innovation and smart work. Machine oriented tasks are faster, accurate, dependable and time saving.

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