Offshore Software Development

The term “Go live!” often brings sweat to many software developers because of the associated issues like errors in server change, data immigration or even failure. In order to set the months of hard work and efforts put in a software development project successful, it becomes necessary that each step of the process proceeds just the right way.

The 5 chief concerns listed below, if emphasized upon carefully, can make the “Go Live!” of any software development stress-free.

  1. Structuring a stepwise blueprint

For software developers to proceed with any further developments, they must create a check-list to move ahead in plan. Some of the pointers that must be included in the list are: pre-defined approach for server and data immigration, back-up storage of data and copy of server, stepwise details of deployment, process of restoration in case something goes incorrect, how to support customers, what are the major concerns (prioritized), how to test the codes and how to take developments online.

  1. Being ready with an alternative(s)

Things tend to go wrong with software development projects in spite of thorough planning. The wrong may be small or big and it can still happen after rounds of testing and quality checks. If everything goes well, you must celebrate. If not, there must be no excuse instead an alternative for turning the things on the right path.

  1. Taking up assignments for home (emergency)

Go Live can bring with it an utmost urgency of attending a critical call/ issue from home. This means, you must be prepared to work in odd timings, may be during the night. If this requires an internet connection, laptop or anything extra, make sure you’re equipped with the same. This is important because sometimes issues will get worse by the time you reach your workplace.

  1. Giving flexibility to team members

It may happen that the members in your team will work late, and in such cases you cannot expect them to be present at their desks right when the clock hits 9.00 am. If you do, may be you’re planning for things to go wrong as fatigue of days together will affect the productivity of your team.

  1. Keeping emotions in control

Panic, anxiety, stress or anger should not hold a place in your mind as this will only make things worse and do no good. All these negative emotions take away sleep; force you to work for extended (unproductive) hours and ultimately you will land up in a situation where you find it tough to face challenging scenarios.

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