SAP implementation and consulting

It is either your company already works on SAP processes, or it is supposed to go for an SAP implementation soon. In both the scenarios, you would often interact with a team that remains your first Point-Of-Contact (POC). This set of members who enable you to communicate seamlessly with the development and implementation team, management and other departments to work upon your requirements are called the SAP Super Users.

SAP Super Users- What do they do?

The role of SAP Super Users is no child’s play. With no particular roles defined, yet holding a crucial position that relates to almost everything about the SAP project, these users become the primary source of interaction for clients. Any issues in terms of running a process or transaction, understanding functionality, project documentation details or integration activities between departments are likely to be foremost encountered by the SAP Super Users.

In fact, any requirement that is sent for development internally has to be released by the SAP Super Users. As a part of their skill, they have to have thorough knowledge about SAP and the business processes of the project being undertaken, communication skills, convincing power and most importantly patience to repeat the same statement for tenth or fifteenth time.

The roles of SAP Super User can be summed up into the following-

  • First Point-Of-Contact for clients in the SAP support, SAP implementation, rollout or upgrade projects
  • Represents the respective team and company
  • Communicates within the company and with the client
  • Quality assurance before delivery
  • Puts in efforts to continually improve the processes
  • Documents every detail and prepares the functional specifications. Also participates in preparing the technical specification documents
  • Gains knowledge and add to their skills regularly etc.
  • Trains the end users on using the revamped business procedures

There is possibly more to feature in this list, but the above mentioned broadly discusses upon the most commonly practiced roles. More than a responsibility, the job of SAP Super Users can be considered an art. SAP Super users have to be present throughout the SAP project, from requirement gathering to implementation and post-implementation support.

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